Would anyone have a recipe for Actifry Chips, please? Do you just chuck'em in?


Hi all, after a few failed attempts to make tasty SW chips. I would like to make low syn chips using my Actifry. Now I wonder, Do you just peel and cut the potatoes and chuck them in the machine with a spoon full of (olive) oil? I apologise if this is a silly question, but when I google it, I get conflicting answers. Many thanks in advance xx
I just chop them up and bung them in with a few sprays of Fry Light. Then they are free.

I do find I get better results if I wash and dry them first (chuck them in a bowl of cold water as you chop them, drain them and dry with a tea towel or in a salad spinner). I can't always be bothered with all that though.
I peel and chip mine then let them soak in water for half an hour to help get some starch out. Then I drain and place on kitchen roll to help dry them out. I also dab the to help get more water out of them.

I then place the chips in actifryer and I use 2kcal per spray rapeseed oil. If theres only my portion in I will add 10 squirts (1 syn 20 kcals). If 2 people I add 20 squirts (2 syns...40 kcal).

I set timer for about 30 mins and keep check on them for nice colour in them as I like them a little darker.

I just season when they come out.
My only advice would be to NOT USE FRYLIGHT in your actifry or any non stick pan.

Ruins the non stick surface and you cannot get the residue off the clear lid.
Disclaimer after that last post: I don’t actually use frylight, I use my own equal parts oil and water spray. I tend not to mention it due to the debate over whether it should be synned or not, whereas frylight is definitely free. 😊
Many thanks for your reply. I've noticed that with Frylight last time on SW. It ruined my favourite frying pan and at first, I had no idea why :-( The bottles should come with a warning not to be used in coated pans (unless there already is such a disclaimer on the bottle and I just never noticed it?). For our chips in the Actifry I ended up using normal olive oil (one spoon full) and synned it accordingly, it worked a treat and they were really tasty.