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For Deegirl and basically anybody else

Thanks a mil Justforme...I'm on day 3 now and feeling good....worried about this Ketosis everyone is saying will happen...what is it and how does it effect you?
ketosis is a good thing hun so dont be worrying about it!
Its basically where your body starts to burn the fat youve stored and converts it to energy!
You WANT this to happen!
It will stop you feeling hungry if you are!
Bad thing about it tho is you may get a bad smell on your breath so dont panic if this happens!
Also DONT drink alcohol while in ketosis its VERY dangerous and it some cases can cause you to collapse!
Hope this helps x
if you want to have a drink vodka is low in carbs which to be honest if i couldnt have a vodka and diet coke now and then id be ropeable lol
id agree with what clare and sharon have said. ketosis is something to look forward to apart from the headaches and minging breath in the first few days!

but it makes you less hungry, making you eat less and lose weight :D
Thanks girls...less hungry, lose more weight,..sounds good! Don't like the bit about the alcohol though...I like a few glasses of red wine on a fri night. Is this a big No No?
basically yes...but i wouldn't advise doing it every week and the next day drink lots of water

but its good let your hair down once and a while and in a strange way makes you more focused.

it advises that you stick to the diet about 95% of the time as no-one can really do it long term and you should still see results

keep up the good work :D
Sorry, meant to ask...had a problem copying over my ticker any advice?

you post from the top box on the last page....if that makes sense?
Thanks again...I think the support from everyone is great...I feel very motivated but I know I will find the weekend very hard :(
weekends are especially hard ....i would think about what could be your downfall food wise and find something healthy to replace them

what's your usual weekend like..ill see if i can help! or if anyone else can too :)
My weekends have been very bad for the last couple of years....hence my current weight! I would normally veg on couch watching tv with OH and kids fri, sat and sun evening and drink about 6 cans of beer each night and a big bowl of peanuts!!!!
mmmmm i love peanuts...they're one of my dangers with alcohol.

all i would say is maybe just chop up maybe fruit or veg in the fridge and pick at them or buy some sort of bars to munch on.

you sound like you just need to keep you hands busy (i don't mean that in a dirty way hehe)

you could also try sugar free jelly and try banning alcohol from the house for a while until you have had a few weekends without then you'll get used to it.

when you got your products did you get the starter pack?
in that book it says you can have a certain amount on nuts but i cant remember what kind or how much but i bet someone else can tell ya.

you just need to find your other peanuts or beer!

sorry if im no help :eek:
I think my hubbie could be happy with that!!! I have one can of diet coke a day, in the eve when watching tv and a bowl of celery sticks with a few cherry tomatoes...fine so far...I presume its ok to eat these...do you know if olives are ok as a snack looked at carb on them n its very low .5 per 100g?
you can have most plain nuts like walnuts and cashews i think, your wkends sound like mine but with vodka not beer lol
oh god yes lol yes it would its less carbs


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And also remember that on your allowable list is 1 can of diet coke a day! So once youve managed all your water, you can treat yourself during the week to add variety and have a can of coke :)

You guys are brightening up my day big time.....I have a big bottle of Vodka in my press that I bought at Christmas in case anyone wanted one!! I am weighing in tom after 3 days....not ideal but want Thursday as my weigh day as keeps me in line with a few friends....we are all trying to lose some weight in different ways...we have a bet on to see who wins!
oooh god dont tempt me but im sure sharon'll snap your hand off for that.

she keeps mentioning the stuff:D

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