For real??!?


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Hello everyone,

I started slimming world on the 9th, lost 3.8kg in my first week, then got my period... and I've put 2.5kg back on... but I've been eating the same, if not better than my first week, and it's quite discouraging! I've been trying to drink more and eat plenty of fibre... just not happening. I know it's all going to come off again cause it's only water, but the scales aren't reflecting that right now, and I fear I'll have to log a weight gain on Sunday on my SW online. How depressing is that!! :sigh:
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I don't know how much it is in lbs, but your weight can fluctuate a fair bit during your time of the month. Stick with the plan and see what happens next week - i'm sure you'll see a result you like. Alternatively, keep a food diary on here and then others can pick up in there's anything that might be affecting your losses (sometimes it's something very small like not eating enough!).


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And that's the problem with weighing yourself in between weighins. You can scare yourself silly. Focus on the fact that you know you retain water on your star week and trust in the plan to have a massive loss next week.


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I would not worry as it is probably water retention, when it is my period I can put on up to 5lbs. But as soon as period goes it vanishes :)

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I gained during my star week & then the next time I had a WI, I lost it all & then a little extra :)

I know it's discouraging to see the scale go up, but have faith that it won't always be that way. & try to weigh yourself less in between WIs, otherwise you'll drive yourself bonkers!


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3.8 kg in your first week is a MASSIVE LOSS (over 8 pounds). And it may have included a lot of water that's been retained again during your period. You need to look at the bigger picture - the trend is still down and that can only be good!


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Just out of interest- when does everybody find they gain weight during the month? By that I mean, is it the week before your period starts or actually during your period? I have noticed over the past couple of years of on/off dieting that I tend to gain the week before my period and that after the first couple of days bleeding it rights itself again. I also gain in a similar way before I ovulate. Twice a month gains, it's just not fair :(


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That's why I'd advise looking at your weight loss over the course of a month and not week to week.

I'm another who tends to retain water in the week before my period, so it can be a real pain in the a$$ for 2 weeks! Once cos I've gained or maintained, and the other because I'm on!