For the ladies starting today


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Thanks Sarah - I'm doing fine so far but I have only been up two hours!


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S: 16st13lb C: 16st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st6lb(2.53%)
Hehe - I just hope that when my shakes arrive I will have the same humph to get going as I do now.

You are going to be just fine today, just think what it will be like when your at goal, the comments you will receive, the wow's from people who have not seen you in a while, how much better you will feel, how proud you will be of reaching goal!

Maybe today when it get hard you could write down all the reasons you are doing it, then when its hard you just need to look back at your list!!


Trixie Firecracker

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Best of luck everyone!

Hi All! :party0038:

How many of you are starting today?

I started yesterday, and I have to admit I found the latter part of the evening hard - I mean I began reading through old take-away menus and was having an inner argument with myself "Ah, what difference will one day make, sure I can always make a fresh start tomorrow.."

I'm delighted to say though that I didn't cave! I had a few glasses of water and that really helped with the hunger pangs.

Like Sarah said, the most important thing is just to take it day by day.. If you start looking at the bigger picture and think "Oh, flip I have X more days of this" then it all looks a bit unmanageable, but if you keep thinking to yourself just to see it through, day by day, you'll be fine :)

If you do find yourself in the grips of temptation be sure to log on here and let us know and we'll talk you out of doing anything silly to break the diet before you know it! ;)

It's great that there's so many of us starting around the same time, we should be able to offer each other loads of support!

Good luck everyone! :)

rainbow brite

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I just dusted off my shaker and had my first shake of the diet! Okay, it was a Lipotrim shake but that's only because my Exante hasn't arrived yet and was desperate to start today :eek:

Good luck ladies - we can do this!!!

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Hey Rainbow Brite (Used to love her back in the day!!!)

I'm just shaking up my first shake of the day now too - Vanilla - will report back on what it's like!

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you try the Exante shakes - they're much more creamier and thicker than the Lipotrim ones - almost like a milkshake in fact!

I had the Tomato & Basil soup last night also which was much nicer than I was anticpating - loads of flavour with herbs and black peppers!


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hi im doing exante too and on day 4 and finding it 2 was a bit iffy but as with all diets, mind over matter :) tried the mushroom soup today and it was actually quite nice and i hate mushroom soup usually..i think it was cause there were real bits of mushroom in it rather than some nasty smooshy looking cream stuff from a tin :)

h x