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For those in despair after weigh-in...


Dance the positive spin..
Jan sent me this a couple of years ago. It so struck a chord with me that I've kept it all this time. I thought that given the spate of disappointing weigh-ins folks have been getting this week that I would post it for all to see... believe in yourselves folks!

Plus, it is I believe, Blue Monday today! Tomorrow however is a new day!

Fact: You can control what you put in your mouth
Fact: You cannot control what the scales say.

So what do you celebrate? The scales showing a loss, or the fact that you kept to the diet all week?

- What if you stick to the diet, but the scales don’t reflect your effort? Will you be disappointed, even though you have done everything correctly and couldn’t possibly do any better? Knowing that you will have lost weight…but it didn’t mean anything because the scales are giving the wrong result?
- What if you ‘cheat’ and the scales show a big loss…does that mean you’ve succeeded and need a pat on the back?
- Or even if you’ve been 100% and the scales are showing a loss? Does it mean more to you? Does that mean you’ve done even better than 100%?

Celebrate being in control of what you put in my mouth, because that’s what you have done. Don’t celebrate what the scales say.

So if you’ve stayed the same one week, or just lost that one pound….if you’ve kept to the diet 100%, then be proud, because that’s what it’s all about. Stick to the diet and the weight is coming off….whether or not the scales agree. And you’re worth the same amount of applause than those who have lost more.

1lbs, 1 stone, it doesn’t matter. You can’t do better than 100% after all. So do me a favour, next time you weigh-in. If you’ve been 100%, weigh-in rejoicing.

You were in control this week and will be next. If the scales reflect this, that’s just the icing on the cake. You’ve lost weight anyway. You don’t need a mechanical instrument to tell you whether you are in control or not.
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♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Brillant post chick, thanks :) x


maintaining since June'09
I'd forgotten about this one ... thanks :D:D xxx
Thx Vanessa and thx Jan for the original posting......I did 100% and that should be good enough, shouldnt it? X


maintaining since June'09
"should" being the operative word ;) - it's hard sometimes though inni' !! xx
That it is....bloody scales

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