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For those of you who don't go to group.....

..... I do admire you!! There is no way I could do this without the threat of the weekly weigh in, I struggle to maintain my target weight as it is and that is with going to group every single week without fail! Well done!

So, I'm just a bit intregued as to why you don't go to a class and how you manage to keep going without the thought of the consultant's scales!!
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Well said Jaylou!! I totaly agree!
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I think just not going to group motivates me, I want to prove to myself that I can do it, that it's me that loses the weight not the group! Proving people wrong and yourself right can be quite a powerful motivator lol

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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I cant afford to go, its as simple as that! I used to go religiously and sit and listen to Image Therapy every week and yes, I do miss it, but for now I have to make do..paying for my gastric band saw fit to that one! Lol
The motivation is knowing why I made the decision to do what I did in the first place...I dont want a heart attack at 33...the chest pains in the morning were scaring me! I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter that I want to see grow up too!
I have to be strict with myself in the fact that due to not having a Consultant to keep me in check...no, I have a MIL that does that thank you very much! Lol


Slow but sure....
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The nearest group to me is 25/30 miles away (I live in a very rural coastal village in Norfolk) plus my mobility is not good due to health reasons, and my finances won't run to joining SW online because of the initial £60 layout.

But, this forum and everyone on it keeps me motivated - due to the medications I take I am only a slow loser, but without this forum I wouldn't lose at all - so thank you one and all, and long live Minimin's.....


I ♥ Slimming World :)
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I go to group, and love every minute there, find it a real boost, but from what I have read on this forum there seems to be three real reasons people don't go to group - cost, distance, and in some cases a bad consultant.

But ultimately, don't we all go to the best group - MINIMINS? :)


Nojo on the YoYo
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I did it myself for the first part of my weightloss, but now as i'm trying to lose the final four stone that have always always eluded me, I'm going to class. Paying my money each week to get told i've stayed the same or gained is just NOT what I want. So I know that if i've paid for it, i'll stick to it.

I just got to the point (after losing 9 stone already) of being lazy with the plan and my diet. I'm already lazy with my exercise and need to up it, I used to do Davina 3 times a week and now I don't, my friend used to come walking with me and we've let that go too. I know I could up my game more but for now, the effort of going to group will have to do me.

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
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I've tried to do it myself many years (after 6 years on and off the plan I think I know it inside out) but I just don't have the willpower to do it alone - I can easily 'ignore' that chocolate bar, or extra cheese that I didn't weigh and just think 'oh well next week' but for me next week never comes so I know I HAVE to go to class.
Even though I'm out of work at the moment I've cut back on lots of other things to be able to afford to go to class and buy 1 pack of Hi-Fi a week :)
I just got to the point (after losing 9 stone already) of being lazy with the plan and my diet. QUOTE]

OMG! Vixxster! 9 stone! How bl**dy fantastic! You must be so very proud of yourself. Heck, I'M proud of you!

I don't go to class, I am one of those sickeningly organised people who finds it quite easy to be strict with myself. (I've done most of my Christmas shopping already (smug grin...) I just know that if I cheat, the only person I am cheating is myself. ;)
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I go alone from home too and find it relitivly easy as i've managed to build up some strength not to peek on the scales or binge eat. Just dont want to dissapoint myself.


Wishing and hoping!
i do body optimise on my own
the group near to me does not suit me as the consultant is basically crap, there is NO way that I will give my own money to a service does not provide. also other groups where i live are at unsuitable times when I have other arrangements (gutted) but the internet is a valuable source to get motivation - does not matter what format as long as it is spiring it all helps :)
I want to lose weight myself, if I dont its up to me to change my attitude and still continue even if **** days come. it is part of the journey and you do learn by your errors.
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to be honest i cant really afford it, £20 a month i put away and that pays for my hair to be coloured every 8 weeks plus the last 2 groups i went to were rubbish, leader was a waste of time and it was kinda paying for someone to weigh me and then take a fiver off me, the one thing i do miss is sw online as now i cant go on it but you guys on here are brill.Maybe if i lose the willpower i may go back to group but i cant see how that will motivate me as the women who go are the same one who went the first time i went 3years ago and are all the same weight, think they just go to socialise which is fair dos for them but when your skint and you work evenings like i do i dont wanna waste a night going there x
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I go to class at the moment but i may have to give up in the coming weeks as im being made redundant and every penny counts!

Going to class keeps me on the straight and narrow so im not sure how i'll get on - we will have to wait and see.


Loves living in the sun
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I don't know of a class here on the CB, did it years ago so know what am doing with red and green days.

The posts about Scan Bran is new to me and the ExtraEasy and HEXA's HEXB's (have I got it right) is alien, but have lost quite a bit using the old red and green so its doing me ok.

I do a weigh in every Monday morning and have just started putting the results in an excel spreadsheet (should have done it from the start really).

Joined minimins as saw some great recipes and its great having some encouragment from others in the same boat.

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I have never really dieted and was always reasonably happy being a size 14.Last year, just before I reached 70 I had bowel cancer and after recovering I ate "stupidly" to regain my weight.
This year I was having to buy some size 16 clothes and decided to start SW by buying the necessary books on EBay and then found this forum. I have now lost 6/7lbs in 6 weeks and I am really enjoying the food choices.
I am especially pleased that I can have my weekend drinks as syns.
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I really can't afford to go to classes so decided to hack it out on my own! I've got all the info I needed from friendly and helpful people on here and other places on line! I somehow manage not to look at the scales at all apart from on a Monday morning when I weigh myself. I've been at it for 16 weeks now and haven't had one gain yet! I'm desperate to lose this weight, I'm scared of dying, ashamed that I've never been swimming with my 8 year old daughter, embarrassed by the way I look, am fearful that I can't please my partner or be physically appealing for him, despise never having anything to wear and hate having a bad back and other health issues! All of this motivates em to carry on!

If I mess up, If I use too many syns, If i over indulge and let myself down then that is exactly what I have done, let myself down, not some stranger in a group! I want to lose the weight and I will! :)

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