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For those of you who have had planned days off?


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well for me i had xmas off and i only now got back into it :( its soooo hard getting back into it imo...
Hard!! I had 4 days off over Easter as it was my friends wedding and I was a bridesmaid. Had planned it all along. Can't get back into SS+ which is what I was doing before, never mind SS! I have been sort of winging it along the 810/1000 line since Easter Monday, hoping to get back to SS+ from Thursday (see my CDC on Wed night).

Good luck with what you decide, ultimately only you can decide it if its worth it.

Theresa x

PS - how is your wrist by the way, and did OH come back to you? Not been on since yesterday!
Hi I was on it before and lost 2 and a half but then I had a night off and couldnt get back on it again so im here now again with everything i lost to loose again is it a big night or just fancy a break


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Its for my birthday, it's not till the 18th, and I guess I can decide on the day, I just wondered what other people experiences were.

OH told e to go back to GP, which I did, and he's signed me off for another week.
HARD!!!!!!!!! Don't do it unless you really feel you must. I ended up messing about on CD for 18months losing half a stone, gaining it ... etc etc. Now I'm 790-ing but when I've cheated at that i can't get back on track either.


Mrs B

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I think the more you plan the easier it is. What I mean is just saying you are having a day off means you can have anything (including all that carby, sugary stuff that sets off the cravings) and makes it more difficult to stop. If you say, maybe, you are having dinner that evening and can get as much detail in your head as possible and it is not so easy to add things on. Does that make sense? It's just a bit of headology and has worked for me a couple of times. Plan, plan, plan then in your head it is part of the diet.
I have taken two planned breaks, one was for a weekend away (3 days).. and I got back on it no problem 100%... then I took a break for Easter, supposed to be Easter Sunday which went on for a week. Am back on it since Sunday now and doing ok... I have no obstacles in the way for April and have no intention of slowing it down again.
Somone said to me before about breaking it.... Im not being harsh but it has stuck with me! How many other birthdays are you going to have?? would you not rather be thin for them than risk not being able to get back on the wagon when I started it was either my birthday or my boyfriends or our anniversary you know all these kind of events but i decided I'd much rather be thin for them next year than be back here again trying to fight the same battle
I planned time off for my birthday.

Been off the wagon ever since really - that was october 12th



You can be skinny for your next one :D xxx

Sorry to buck the trend but I've had several planned days off - never had a problem going back to SS & didn't much enjoy the food I did have when I was on the break!
My head is definitely in diet mode 100% though so I guess this is why I haven't had a problem

If it was me I wouldnt do it, I did on 12th March just for 1 day but here I am on Day 1 now and its soooooo hard.

Take Care and good luck whichever way you decide

I had a day off for my birthday about 2 weeks ago and ate what I liked in moderation for that day and went straight back on SS the following day without any problems. I was worried I wouldn't but I was ok :D
Personally I haven't had a day off nor do I intend to. Someone on here said 1st time at CD is the golden time. I'd be so worried about not being able to get back on track that I'm not gonna risk it.
There really are some conflicting opinions on this! I know I would get back on it 100% the next day and that i would stick to it 100%. i guess I've got a wee while to make up my mind.

Thanks for the advice all!
I had 4 days off over the easter weekend, I ate only protien and stayed in ketosis the whole time, so I was still fat burning. All the walking around London I think worked off the extra calories amd I lost 3lbs that week. that was last weekend but 1 ago and been eating ham and stuff in bits and bobs since. Having another WI tomorrow so this week is a true test for me.
I'm going to London for the day, going to see a show, and have a mosey around the shops. I was only planning on having the one meal, in the evenig, it would be tetras or bars for the other meals.

Hmmmmm, ponder ponder!
There really are some conflicting opinions on this! I know I would get back on it 100% the next day and that i would stick to it 100%. i guess I've got a wee while to make up my mind.

Thanks for the advice all!
Thats what i said.

I suppose you could look at 790/810 for your evening meal?

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