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For those on Extra Easy plan

How do you use your 2 HEX's?

I like having two of each, but am going to try a week on EE to see if I can get going again.

My main concern is the HEX's or lack of them as I usually start with milk and cereal, and take sandwiches for work.

Today I managed to make an omelette for breakfast and used the bread for sandwiches. Now I have a HEXA remaining!

I do prefer the other two plans for the HEX's alone!

Milk I can do without as I can take coffee black or white.

Going to need a lot more thought, and especially planning than I though, unless I sort the packed lunch thing out.

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Have you tried having soup for lunch? There are lots of soup recipes which fit EE as you can include potato or sweet potato or pasta to get a carb. fix instead of bread. Or you could count your bread or crispbread as syns. I love rye Finn Crisp as they are only 1 syn each and lovely dipped in hot soup. Get a thermos flask and make your own soup which is cheaper than sandwiches and you can make enough for several days. If you have access to a microwave at work, you don't even need the thermos.
I do EE Maximus. I use the A option for milk - mostly in my morning porridge which makes up my B option.

I'm a touch wheat intolerant so avoiding bread is good for me. For lunch I vary the following:

Last night's leftover chilli and rice, spag bol, jacket pots with baked beans/chilli/bolognese/home made curry. Salads - (today I had a huge bowl of rocket, cucumber, cherry toms, cucumber, cold new boiled pots, eggs and a stack of fresh shrimp). I usually gorge myself on frozen or fresh fruit with a ML yog.

If I am organised enough to have bacon,egg and mushrooms for breakfast at 7.45am - which can be done as I manage to cobble together bacon sarnies for the kids :p so just need the time to sit down and eat MYSELF I use a HiFi bar as my B option.

It must work somehow as I lost 5.5lb this week and am now proudly sporting a Slimmer of the Month sticker from my group!! 15.5lb in 5 weeks - I am over the moon. :D
I use mine for cheese and crackers on a night to eat in front of the tv ( I use the finn crisps and extra light laughing cow). How about having fruit and a muller light for breakfast and a mugshot for lunch if you have access to a kettle at work
I use mine for bread or cereals and cheese - i rarely have milk, I only have one 'proper' cup of tea a day and then drink green so i syn my dash of milk, I have a cherry activia mixed with my 42g crunchy bran and then i usually put my cheese on a pasta and sauce or something with dinner or i just munch it on its own. I do miss having a 2nd b though cos im addicted to pagen krisprolls and like to have them with my soup but prefer to use my syns for naughty things


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Hi Maximus

I try and mix them up as much as possible - so for example:

Yest - Breakfast was smoked samon & Scrambled egg with tomaotes, Lunch - tuna salad, fruit and then dinner - pasta with salad, and i used my HEXA on cheese for the pasta. My HeXB i had as 2 alpen lights during the day.
Today I had my hexb at breakfast time as I made magic porridge withe fruit and then JP & Beans for lunchtime. Tonight its home made burgers and wedges and i'll use my HEXa for cheese on the burgers!

For me, what works best is if i try and have a cooked brekkie on days when I am on EE, and use no hex's at all. I dont find fruit or yog fills me up as much as eggs and beans etc - so its just thinking of new ways to use them.



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Hi Steve,

I tend to divide mine up, some people say this is allowed for thers its a big no-no! But my consultant said it was ok and it works for me! So i would have 1 small slice wholemeal toast at breakfast with beans or bacon or poached egg etc and then have 2 ryvita original later in day as other half of HEB.

With HEA i use half for milk and half for 2 laughins cow cheese usually on the ryvita! If i dont have the ryvita at all I have on ealpen light bar instead (always the choc & orange one, I just pretend its a terrys choc orange! - make a bit of a mess moulding it into a circle and segments LOL!)

Hope this helps!
Hey Maximus - I do EE and I usually get my Hex's done and dusted at breakfast time. 2 slices of Nimble wholemeal bread, spread with 2x Laughing Cow Light triangles on each slice (really nice!)

Then that leaves a further 1 LC triangle to have later in the day.

Or I would have the two slices of toast with Butter Buds (half a syn) if I want the cheese for later (say, for example I want to top a SW quiche with it)

Lunch for me is usually the Super speed soup (I strongly suggest making it if you haven't tried it yet. Everyone I know, on SW or not, loves it!) or else I would have some Super Low Fat Noodles with veg mixed through it, or leftovers from dinner the night before :)


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It's thinking out of the box at lunchtime instead of having sandwiches. Pasta/rice/potato salads can all be made the night before. Or if you have a microwave thenheat up a baked potato and beans, but then remember you have to have your 1/3 superfree with that.
To be honest I struggle to use both my a and b, I feel better without bread, and only have 2 cups of coffee so count the milk as syns. I really don't want cheese every day. I'll often use a tablespoon of evoo to cook a curry so I can fry the spices properly.
Milk for my tea and HEb either some cereal or 2 alpen light bars.
Before SW I was in the rut of taking a roll into work every day and having it with a cuppa soup and a packet of crisps.

NOW I vary as much as poss:

SW soup with a side salad
SW quiche with either beans or salad
Jacket potato
Leftover rice/pasta/casserole

This frees up the HEB which I use on:

2 Alpen Light bars or
4 ryvitas or
WW bread or
Weetabix or

HEA for me is taken up by milk for coffee and I sometimes split this with the odd cheese triangle. :)

About once or twice a week I find myself having a Green day because I fancy 2 HEBs.

Thanks for some interesting and varied answers gang.

I do make my own soup, but I always make vegetable. Not tried superspeed - I know I should. I ften have soup for dinner. If I ever get around to purchasing another food flask, I could take soup for lunch. Leaving more scope for a better dinner.

The 1/3 free seems a lot more tricky than I though. I have little or no time for a cooked breakfast as leave for work at 7.15 every morning. Any earlier than that and I'm still asleep and not hungry. I like the idea of Mullerlite and fruit though - good one.

I will have to try these mugshots. I am not a fan of packet stuff, instant stuff etc. but I suppose sometimes I might just have to bite the bullet.

Fayhamy, you mentioned about splitting the HEX's - a great point and I have reposted the same question elsewhere. I love the idea of 2 laughing cow lights AND 125ml of semi-skimmed miles along with 1 weetabix and 2 Ryvita or 3 wholegrain crackerbread etc.

Weekends are so much more relaxed and easier to cater for.

I love butter buds, how do they taste on toast though? - Flora lighter than light is adequate as very low in syns anyhow.

Some good ideas in there though - and as always food for thought - thinking outside the box.

dh and i usually have 3 boiled/scrambled eggs for breakfast or fruit and yogurt. dh uses his heA for milk for his coffee, where most days i dont use mine, or if i do it is for 2 babybel or laughing cow triangles. we like to keep our heB for the evenings and either have a wholemeal pitta bread with some chicken or something in, or a hifi bar, fibre plus bar or 2 alpen lights
I use HEXA for either milk to make a rice pudding if I fancy an sweet dessert in the evning or 3 mini babybel lights to either grate on jacket potatoes, chilli or spag bol etc. HEXB is usually either 2 small wholemeal slices of toast with scarmbled eggs for breakfast, a roll with soup at lunchtime or 2 Alpen light bars as snacks through the day.
It totally depends, but I'll either have 2 Alpen lights in the morning for my heb and then have my hea to use for the evening (I like cheese a lot), so I like to be able to have this in the evening with a decent dinner. However, I do sometimes have a bowl of shreddies (heb) with skimmed milk (hea) in the morning, but then you have to make sure to try and stick to snacking on superfree foods/free foods during the day.