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For those that do SlimFast at work...

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...how do you do it without letting people know?!

I have a shake and a snack for lunch, usually I nip out to Boots and buy a ready made shake, drink that outside then go back inside to eat my snack, but recently I've found that I just can't do this when I have my lunch scheduled with friends because they always want to go for food together and I find it embarrassing to explain that I'm doing SF.

My mum has suggested that I make a shake with powder in the morning and take it in a flask, or put it in a Yazoo bottle, both of which are quite clever I think, but this still doesn't help with the fact that if I'm only having that a snack, people are going to ask questions.

Any ideas? I don't know if anyone's in the same boat as me or if everyone's very open about doing SF, but i'd love to hear some opinions! :eek:
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hi i have mine at work i quite openly make my shake i am neither embarressed or bothered what people think.. in fact it has helped me keep on the straight and narrow. be pround of your weightloss. if you want take it in a flask to drink and eat snack as normal if people ask tell them its also a good conversation starter well done on your weightloss :)
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I would say go somewhere where you are able to know the nutritional value (even macdonalds tell you) and just say a chicken burger is around 440cal i think, then this would be your lunch, and just take 240cal off your evening meal or snacks or do some excercise in the evening and burn off the extra 240cals consumed. i've done it before.
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I work in a small office and it don't bother me that people know that i'm on slimfast, my boss has been on it previously and he lost weight. They are all very supportive in the office, well until one of them came in with a burger king meal the other day:D


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Same here im not really botherd! i take my powder in a small container and my milk in a flask and a shaker cup! I am n a team of 1 girl and 14 guys and they are not botherd by my eating habbits! lolz
Im not allowed to ask if my bum looks too big in anything tho.. they get enough of that at home! hehe
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I'm the only woman in an office too, but it's a small group, only work with 4 guys and 2 of them are my bosses! lol


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I find it quite hard at work too sometimes, i take the lable off the ready made shake and when i have the bar it just looks like a choc cereal bar. snacks i tend to have things like weetabix and prawn salad which i make myself as long as snacks dont go over 300 cals added up.
S: 15st8lb C: 11st8.0lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 4st0lb(25.69%)
Thanks for the replies guys, all great suggestions, and I'm envious of those who openly do it! The reason I don't feel like I can do that is because I've told two girls before that I wanted to lose weight and they've both been like "oh, you're falling victim to the media, I can't believe that!" etc etc, when really I'm fed up of clothes not fitting and everything else :rolleyes:

I took a ready made Cafe Latte shake into work today, poured it into a glass when no one was watching and said that it was just a cold latte drink, people seemed to believe it apart from one woman who kept asking me where I got it from!

Summer fruits has a great idea though - sort of switching the main meal and the shake around, I've done this once when my friend dragged me to Subway at lunch. I just know that it's difficult to just have a shake when I get home from work as I'm so used to making food and eating it.

I'll see how it goes. Think I might start having cafe latte more, usually all I have is vanilla but I think this might work for when I'm at work :D Thanks again :D
Be loud and proud about it! It is a nutritionally balanced meal repalcement. The one advangtage of being open about it is it stops you cheating. For me the oh shes had a cake comments behind my back is far worse idea than having the willpower and resisting the cakes brought in on birthdays.

Also to be able to come in say oh ive lost 2lb this week is brilliant. Now that i have lost 16lb it is great to metophorcally stick my tongue out at all those that thought i was on a fad diet.

In a way by telling people you are facing up to the fact that you want to lose weight and making it more real in your head.

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