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For those who did Milk week....

Daisy- Princess

I like the tiara avatar.
Can't help you re milk week .I decided not to do it, but I would say don't worry about it, it's done isn't it? You won't have lost the same as others anyway. You decided to do milk week for whatever reason. Just go back to abstinence to lose the rest. You are doing so well Keep it up.
Think of the festival season and sitting on your husband's shouders. xxxx
i'm not worried - just interested really!

hubby's got really bad back at the moment, so might have to find a willing volunteer to sit on instead! ;-)

daisy x
I'm dure you'll get loads of volunteers. I won't ask how he got the bad back !!:D:D


is loving CWP xx
Hi Daisy,

I lost 1lb last week (milk week) and have my next WI Tues nite. Judging by my scales I have lost 4lb so far this week so am now back on track. My mum also only lost 1lb on milk week. We were the only ones who did it in our group.

I suppose I am glad I did it as I know that I am going to be on it for at least another 14 weeks. I know milk is only a recommendation but at the end of the day they wouldn't recommend something if they didn't have a reason.

I am sure you will be fine this week, don't worry about it. You know you will loose more next week x x
Hi Daisy,
I stayed the same on milk week last week but lost 4.5lb this week which made up for it!
I read on another thread that you're feeling light headed, thats the reason I did milk week and it's really helped!
Just another nod - surely one weeks slow-down in weight, for the benefit of helping your body through an aggressive diet- is worth the 7 days delayed....after how many years?? ;)

lol - it really is funny. In life, I am really quite a rebel - but I believe the best results of this diet come from 100% adherence and there are good sound reasons for having such things as milk week. it is an awful lot we ask of our body - a little break will do it good.

Me and my soapbox - quite chummy the pair of us! :D
thats what i thought BL

i really don't mind if i STS or put on tbh - it'll come off soon enough.

i decided to do it ( 2 weeks late) as i've lowered my original target so will in abstinance longer than i thought. i was getting dizzy too, so thought i'd see if it made a difference, i think it has.

anyway, weigh in tonight so will soon find out

daisy x

i was just asking out of interest
well i can now answer my first question
i lost 2lb on my milk week!
daisy x


Is back in the saddle!
That's good and hopefully you've gained a bit of stability for your body too.


is loving CWP xx
Hi Daisy, Had my first weigh in last night after milk week and I lost 5lb. Hopefully next week you will have a great loss too x
oh i do hope so!
well done on your loss
daisy x

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