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For those with partners.. what kind of support would you like.

Hi, just thinking after reading a few threads from people who didnt feel their families or partners were giving them any support while on tfr or vlc diets.. it got me thinking what kind of support am i actually looking for during tfr..
I have two girls aged 1 and 2, and most days, regardless of tfr by the end of the day my house is a tip and I am shattered... I got up this morning and my house is so messy, after dressing the girls and trying to sort myslef out I am ready for a lie down lol... i would love for him to get a grip and help with the house work.. maybe give the girls baths etc. Sorry, am on day 5 and quite tired, and am looking around me and dont know where I am going to get the energy from for the day!!! x
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It is an emotional time whilst on TFR, I know I was a bit snappy in my first week adjusting to the diet.

However I am very lucky in that I have the full support of my partner and he even encourages me to do well on LT cos he knows how much better I will feel in myself. He likes to keep in shape by going to the gym and eating well so it's good for me, if he didn't and ate lots of rubbish ect.. I would find it difficult.
My partner has a misguided idea that I should get over it when he is tucking into his food, as supposedly if I'm serious food is going to be everywhere so I'll have to get used to it.... This morning a prime example, I'm tired as my 6 month decided she didn't want to sleep last night house is a mess, in the middle of my first week so cold, hungry and generally in fowl mood. He gets up and makes the biggest sunday breakfast all the things I love... Just wondering if I had a jury of lipotrimmers would I get off...:) Thankfully I have this site to vent and read other folks experiences it keeps you going

xx Cathy xx

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He gets up and makes the biggest sunday breakfast all the things I love... Just wondering if I had a jury of lipotrimmers would I get off...:) Thankfully I have this site to vent and read other folks experiences it keeps you going
Been thinking the same thing! My husband keeps describing all the nice things he is eating and telling me things like "I've got a right craving for some beef" so goes to takeaway and gets a 1/2lb burger with doner meat, cheese and garlic mayo and chips and sits there eating it very noisily (one of my major pet hates!) and saying as he's eating it "oh wow this is so nice, oh my god it tastes fantastic, oh wow" and I'm sat there with my flapjack trying to suppress the murderous thoughts!!!
Wow, I can't believe the lack of support some of you are getting, it must be really difficult for you all. I did read in one off the other posts about negative reactions from family, friends and work colleagues. The general advice was, (and I know this is hard) you are doing this for yourself and nobody else. You will be the one who benefits from the great results that you get from this diet and believe me it does get better the further you get into it.

I have been on this diet since between christmas and the new year and I did not think for one minute that I could stick it out, but I did and I am so glad.

You can get oodles of support on here and whatever needs doing in the house will still be there when your energy returns - which it will if you keep at it.

Honestly you will find it easier to ignore whatever anyone else is eating because the food you like will still be available to you when you reach your goal. And Cathy, you may find that a greasy burger with doner meat just doesn't appeal anymore.

Hope this helps and don't forget we have all been through what you are going through and have got through it. Cheers, Pat.
My O/H works away all week so kids and house are down to me but I find if I keep on top of the house work most days I can relax and just play with the kids and do the wii fit. But OH is very supportive of me doing LT he pays for if lol!! And I can always rely on him to say things to motivate me if I'm feeling tempted :) he knows how much I need to and want to lose weight so helps any way he can :)
My O/H is very supportive as he was scared during my last pregnancy on how my glucose was high, I had to give birth early cos of that so he want me to lose weight and to be healthy.
lol, just wanted to add my oh got a chinese last night (third since ive started Lt) and since 4 am this morning he has been puking his guts up... oh I feel a bit mean but I secretly have a little grin hiding behind my face of concern lol xxx
not atall, hes up in bed green... looks rough... I shall try to refrain from giggling when he is well enough to raise his head lolxx hopefully it puts him off chinese food for a while, i amnt a big fan but the smell of it can be soo tempting x
I love our local Chinese but they are away for a month thank god!!!! I'm lucky I suppose OH works away all week so it's only the weekend I have to deal with temptation made pork chop dinner with all veggies yesterday for him love a roast dinner too but was fine the smells were really satisfing lol :) hope he's better soon!!!

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