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Discussion in 'Low Carb Diets' started by Lexie_dog, 26 May 2008 Social URL.

  1. Lexie_dog



    I am working in chinese tonight at 4:30 - 12. I am taking my chicken salad in with me so I don't have no food should I get hungry.

    However. I think ketosis is kicked in, even if the strips aren't showing it because I got halfway through breakfast and not hungry.

    I'm going to have to manage to find time for lunch at some point too.

    What do you do if you are not hungry? Do you just have a wee bit of something fatty/protein or so you only eat when hungry.

    I know Atkins says "do not gorge" and "eat when hungry" but what to do when your appetite is supressed and you don't want to eat?:confused:

    Sorry if I am being thick but I did CD a while back (can't afford it atm) and was always ready for my 3 packs a day at some point.
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  3. Shazpaz

    Shazpaz Regular Member

    I honestly don't get hungry when in ketosis, but obviously you need to eat something. I'd just plan what you intend to eat for the day and stick to it hun. x
  4. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    it is a difficult one isn't it. It doesn't seem right to eat if we aren't hungry but we have to remember that this is because of the ketosis.

    My view is that we should be making sure we get all the recommended carbs from the salad/veg each day plus at least 50g of protein. We tend to pick at more protein because that is tastier and easier than a bit of salad but in terms of having as balanced a diet as possible on atkins and getting the nutrients etc we would do better to have the salad / vege as a snack.

    The book doesn't really plainly explain how we should deal with this though.
  5. wannabslim

    wannabslim Gold Member

    Hey hun, I have the same problem too! I just tend to snack rather than having larger meals.

    Every now and again I do think I feel hungry, but it is usually knowing full well that it is emotional not physical hunger! Having said that, it doesn't worry me because unlike a VLCD where you CAN'T eat due to emotional hunger, on Atkins I allow myself a nice meal (no/low carb of course) or a snack, all within plan, if I want it.

    And if I am not enjoying it and savouring it, I stop eating. It works out that I usually only end up needing a tiny bite and then I no longer want it! It is good for me because I find it is disciplining me to think about what I am eating and whether I really want it!

  6. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    remember ketosis aside, protein is a natural appetite suppressant so that can be part of it.

    Do try to eat, its important. Try eating the salad before the chicken that might help :)

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