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Forgot how often i have to go to toliet!


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
do u drink it all in one go?
I know.. its a good job I'm not on a water meter at home !!!


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no i have a ltr bottle beside me and i refill it when i've a ltr drank, i'm drinking those 2 ltrs since 6am!
ya i forget is it bad to drink 2 much ? i know between 2 and 4 ltrs is recommended but is it bad for u to drink more than 4 ?
you start to retain the water if you drink more thank 4 ltrs. my losses slowed right down when I was drinking 4.5 or 5 ltrs. i try for 3.5 lts - that seems to be the most effective for me.


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Oooh I thought you could have up to 4.5l???
No, dont apologise, I dont know but for some reason 4.5l stuck in my head.... keep meaning to go to the website but keep being distracted by posts in here!!!!

I know they say a minimum of 2l.....


Im doing ok, about to have my 3rd shake... have had 3.5l and will prob manage another 500mls.


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The loo becomes my second home on LT!!! I cant have the greatest bladder that is all I am saying :)
Me too, they laugh at me at work because of the number of visits I have to make. I see it as extra exercise with all that walking to and fro :giggle:
Hey don't knock it! Once you're in ketosis every time you go to the loo you're getting rid of FAT!!!!
Celebrate your wees!



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i know and feel so less bloated, i would say i retain alot of water, coffee doesnt help either i believe, :(

chelly yep started back yesterday, let it all run away with me :( goin on hols in april, so hopefully can get back where i was,;)

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