Forgotten all my food packs Help!


Finally...Life begins
I have forgotten to bring to work all my food back, and cant get home until about 5.30-6!

Haven't had any! Will i make it just drinking gallons of water until then?!! Argh how stupid of me!
Yes you will make it through!

Remember you aren't hungry as you are in ketosis so just look forward to the feast tonight when you get in!!

I used to have all my packs in the evening and just drink water in the day so you will be absolutely fine.

I have done the exact same today!!!! My problem is i am just going back into Ketosis!!! SO i am sort of hungry but I think it is mind over matter.... At least it means i will do more water today!!! already done 1litre and only been here for 45mins!!!! still give me an excuse not to do any work? Will be in the loo all day!!!!

You can do it!!!
Ah yes, I've done that too - and so long as you drink loads, you will be absolutely fine - and think of the feast you can have when you get home!!!!
LoL thanks for the replies! I have nearly done 1.5 ltrs, and yes my boss has just asked me if I was ok, as I have been to the loo a zillion times!!

If I am in ketosis (which my wee sticks say I am) should my tummy still rumble? Which i assume is hunger? Mine still does!

Feeling really good as someone has just asked me if I am loosing weight! what a result! Need plenty more of that over the next few months to keep me on track! I did blush tho when they said it, how strange!!
It does keep you going when people notic eyour weightloss!!!! I now get a buzz out of it!!! i have had litlle blip but i am now back on track!!
My tummy is always rumbling and making strange noises (don't know why)
i am now addicticted to buying clothes is so strange for me to be able to buy clothes in New Look and shops like that!!!
Hi Angela,

Nice when others start to notice that you have lost weight.

How are you holding up?

Love Mini xxx