Found a great snack...


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Ahhh, I saw them mentioned in the SW mag. My local Morrisons dont have them, will be keeping an eye out and stocking up as soon as I find them!


I will do this!!!
Am i right these are 2.5 syns on a red day?


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the mag says they are .5 syn for tikka and roast per stick on ee and original:D


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oooo!will have to see if i can find some!thanks for heads up!


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are these like Grab-Its?


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Never heard of them. What are they and where do get them from?

Are they a savoury fresh snack or dry one etc.


curious. I need variation.

Thanks x


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i am also interested! what are they?



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They are basically chicken on a stick and come in 2 flavours roast chicken and tikka. Can get them in any supermarket usually in the same aisle as sandwich meat. They are very handy if your peckish. yummy to.

1/2 syn on a red and ee day