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found my reason for perminant stall


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For those that don't know me:
I appeared to be one of life's mysteries. My weight would not budge for weeks. I stayed between 181-185 pounds. Could not work it out, was so peed off and feeling a failure I quit posting. However I started to work out what my calorie intake was and well it shocked me. I was bordering on around 2000+ per day. NO Wonder!!
I know this is not about calories but you have to be realistic and know if more goes in than out then you ain't going to lose. I was lucky I did not gain loads.
Any how now I am a little more enlightened I have lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. Which makes my total 1stone and 1pound.
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Well done Sue! There's usually a ligical reason for stalling - or gaining - mine is to blatantly exclude stating some of the things I eat - classic one is to grossly under estimate how much cream I put in coffee!! Ha ha :)
The Atkins Community has an expert nutritionist and Atkins whizz called Colette Heimowitz. What she doesn't know about Atkins - the very latest research and advice - is not worth knowing. Recently she stated that for some Atkinsers daily calories DO count.

I have to watch my calorie intake - not to it keep it artificially and unhealthily low because that can also stop you losing on this diet but, rather, to prevent myself inadvertantly taking in 2000, 2500 or more on any given day. With cheese, cream, mayo, fats etc that is surprisingly easy to do.

Whist most Atkinsers, particularly men, do not need to count calories, some definitely do. Collette says that if you have checked every other possible cause of your stall, including cheese and other dairy, Atkins and other sugar free products, and artificial sweeteners, and you are still still stalled or even gaining, you may have to 'get real' on portion size/calories.

I broke a very very long stall by also counting calories which on Atkins basically means limiting portion sizes. This is particularly true when you are close to goal, as I was at the time.


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hmm. i best get counting then.

i've been stalled for a few months, and i think it is starting to affect me, i'm not wanting to go back to former way of eating at all, and i firmly believe that this woe is the best for me, but there must be something i am doing wrong.
the main thing i think for me is drinking enough, i have oticed that when i drink lots of water i start to lose. i can do it great at work, keep a bottle beside me, but i'm not so good at it on days off, really must try harder at this aspect i think!


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S: 13st2lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st13lb Loss: 0st2lb(1.09%)
To make my life easier I have an Atkins shake for breakfast and for lunch I either have another shake (not often) or I have 5 mini Bells with salad. I then have a meal roughly containing 600 cals. I am not weighing food as I can't be bothered. But I know I am having around 1300 per day.

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