Found this link....


Hi all

I found this site last night. It finds the ideal shape/type of jeans for you. You answer a load of questions and it searches for the best fit.
I'm going to get the jeans it suggested for me when I get a bit smaller.....

Take care
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What a great find!! Wow. That's so cool

They've found me 4 pairs to my specification:cool:

Thanks for posting!
Just had a proper look at my results and interestingly they have suggested I buy a pair called 'Not Your Daughters Jeans' :D

Guess thats kinda suitable for my age group.

They are also called Tummy Tuck jeans :D :D Now how did they guess :D

They look really nice. Plain, but good quality. Bit pricey though for me, and I can't find them in the UK.

Might go mad and buy them from the US as the reviews for this brand are really good.

I tend to get hammered for import tax when I get things from the USA though :(

Still...very tempted.
Its a great site, I found it by accident last night.:)
I like the way it gives you a variety of makes and prices. I hate buying jeans as I can never get them to fit in the waist properly. They are always too big but they fit on the hips....

I think I'm going to try to get either of my 2 faves from the US. They were Tommy Hilfiger or DKNY. I'll have to have a good mooch to see if I can get them in the UK but if not then I'll order. I might ask my cousin to get them (she lives in N Carolina) and send them over to me.....