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Fouth weigh in I'm so happy!


Will B Slim
Good going hun, it's makes you feel brilliant when you shed so much in the first month. And knowing you dont have far to go compared to day one. Bm2lm xx


Serial Foodie!
well done!!



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Hi everyone
Had my fourth weigh in today and i have lost 17lb in my first mth. Im sooooo happy in all the 3yrs i have been dieting i have never got to this weight before.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D yeh

WOWZER !!! Well done Naomi....:D

no wonder ur grinning from ear to ear !!

keep up the good work...




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well done bet your sooooo proud im starting again tomorrow my bd end of march so i hope i can follow you and lose that amount once again well done kerry xxxxxx:) :)


Will B Slim
Thanx everyone
I know the support i get on minimins really helps me to get to my goals so i thank you all for that.

Just hope i can do as well this mth and get at least another stone.
I did hear that 1st a mth is average is that right?


Still Climbing That Hill!
Hi Naomi. well done on your weightloss so far, yes a stone a month is the average on CD although some people lose a little less and some a little more, good luck with the rest of your journey.


Back again!
Well done Naomi - that's really good, you must be feeling very pleased and proud of yourself :)

Yes the average loss is 1 stone per month, so you can look forward to getting rid of another by this time next month



well done niomi!

That is such an achievement. You must be soooo happy!! Keep up the good work!



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Well done you will be shimmering that body in no time. Think of your lovely bod in the summer! love bunnycd xxxxxx


a bit different everyday
wow well done girl u should be proud of yourself,
its true without minimins i would have quit like 3 weeks ago lol
keep going naomi xxxxxx
nat xx:bliss: :clap:


Will B Slim
Got weighed yesterday and lost 3lb and its totm so i am very happy with that. I really cant believe that i will soon be back in the 11's, i havent seen 11 for nearly 4yrs now so it feels so GREAT. When i told my hubby last night how much i lost this week he said ok thats good but dont go getting too skinny and lookin like a skeleton lol he can talk i've been married to one all these years:D


Will B Slim
Thanks everyone. Achelois im sure your weightloss will be as good as anybody else on here. This diet is great and im yet to find anyone who says its not working for them.