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Frankie and Bennys


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Can try :) What did you have?
Thanks for responding. I haven't been yet, I am going on Thursday AND Friday!!:sigh: I know I should be looking forward to it but I am worrying about what to eat!! It was easier with normal points as you could sort of guess couldn't you?

Any help would be very much appreciated ;)

Thankies x


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Do you have a rough idea of what you would eat?
I have the eat out guide but there's 3 pages so to type it all out would take ages.

I will say though do not have a double stack they are 54-56PP!!

Sausage and Mash is low 15PP
Spag Bol 16PP
Margarita Pizza 18PP
Sweet cured bacon steaks with herb potatoes 19PP
I always sway towards pizza if I'm honest!! I know its the naughtiest but I just love it!! 18 for a Margarita is pretty good though!! My friend who I am meeting on Thursday is really slim but can eat what she wants - she will probably have a calzone! How many points is that? About 30?!

Thanks for your help girlies xx


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American Deli 28PP
American Hot 22PP
BBQ Chicken 21PP
BBQ Meatball 21PP
Californian 25PP
Chicken Americano 25PP
Hawaiian 21PP


Chicago Grinder 31PP
Chicken Carbonara 30PP
Garlic Mushroom & Goats Cheese 28PP
Meatball Siciliana 28PP
New Yorker 24PP
Siciliana 24PP

The worst thing on here is the Burgers and Double Stacks.
Pastas range from 11PP -26PP
I think Pizza is quite reasonable


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No problem. Enjoy it, I love F&B! :)

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