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Freckles - fed up with being fat :(

I usually just lurk on this forum but I have decided to get a little more involved on here.

So I have been following this plan for a little while and I do really well all week and then come the weekend I blow it! :eek: I have got a little complacent and so I thought I would start my own diary on here, so I can keep track of exactly what I am eating and also hopefully it will keep me on the right track!

I want to be slim for summer! So today is the start of the new me! :)

13/05/09 Green day -

Breakfast - Rice pudding (made with water) mixed with a mullerlight and a chopped banana YUM!

Lunch - Jacket potato with beans and HE1A of cheese, mushrooms,lettuce and cucumber.

Dinner - Large salad with 2xWW wholemeal bread (HEB1) with 2 boiled eggs, quorn chicken pieces and 'fried' mushrooms and peppers.

Supper - Left over rice pudding with cinnamon and a muller light :D

Syns - 28g of Lindt 85% chocolate - 7.5 syns
Flora extra light on bread - 1 syn.

I normally eat lots more super free foods and I always eat my HE's but today I have only had one of each....atm I seem to be addicted to rice pudding, that and the fact I always cook too much lol. It seems so much now I wrote it down here :rolleyes: oh well, my tummy is happy!

Exercise - 30 minutes bike and 20 minutes hooping :)
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Another green day today as I had rice pudding left over :)

So breakfast was Rice pudding and muller light

Lunch - Jacket potato with salad mushrooms, beans and HEA1 of cheese.

Had a creme egg when no one was looking :p so thats 9 syns and tonight I am going to have a egg on toast HEB1 before going out to a hen night No alcohol as I have early start for work in the morning, and I am driving tonight, so at least I will nto have the temptation phew!


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Have a lovely night tonight Freckles, great that you won't have anything to tempt you away from plan! Stick with it chick. x
Today is a red day.

Breakfast - Alpen with milk HEB + HEA
Lunch - Salad with slice of ham and turkey with boiled egg and 2 x WW bread.

Dinner - Free homemade Bolognaise sauce on a pile of green beans and mushrooms. HEA2 of cheese. Was surprisingly filling but it could be because I had loads of mince :)

Syns - Flora extra light on bread - 1 syn

I still have my syns for tonight , thinking along the lines of a fab lolly - 4.5 syns but not sure yet, will add it when I eat it :)

Have been really motivated since keeping track on here. Off to do 20 minutes or so hooping!

After a little pigging session i now feel sick, but I still stuck to plan, 2 muller lights a banana and a chocolate chip cookie later! Could have been worse I guess, but never am i eating two yoghurts in a row lol.
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It is the weekend and the two days I find the hardest. Having a green day coz I know I can find loads of quick easy food to fill me up.

Breakfast - Scrambled egg on 2 WW toast HEB and mullerlight
Lunch -JP salad and cheese - HEA + Banana
Dinner - Probably sw chips and more chips lol
Syns so far - 28g Lindt chocolate 7.5 + Flora extra light 2 syns

Argh it is only 3 pm and already I have had 9.5 syns!
Urgh Monday again. The weekend went badly as it always does. Had a Chinese, chocolate, ice cream, and too much more I do not wish to remember :) So here we go again. Monday morning start again

Breakfast - Weetabix + semi milk HEA+B
Lunch - WW Bread HEB + 28g Cheese HEA
Dinner - Mash potato mixed with butternut squash soup...Ok I know it sounds gross but it is yummy to me :p
Syns - 3 for Flora extra light spread on bread and in potato.
2 x muller lights mixed with some sweetener and some quark in the ice cream maker served with 2 digestive biscuits - 7 syns.

20 Minutes hooping and 30 minutes on Bike.

Hopefully I cancelled out some of the bad food at the weekend as I did lots of energetic stuff and extra exercise! *crosses fingers*
I am so annoyed at myself, I do it EVERY weekend and it is so silly because I KNOW I am being lazy and I am not going to get slim that way. Somebody please knock some sense into me please!
Freckles, i know how you feel - my weekends are my weakness. When i did SW previously i had loads of willpower but now - if it's put in front of me, i cannot say no and normally i fall off the waggon at the weekend!
Your food diarys look good, all i can say - keep going and stick with it, you'll get there!!
Breakfast - Rice pudding cooked in water with muller light and banana
Lunch - Butternut squash soup my boyfriend made for me bless him, it was scrummy :) with a slice of wholemeal bread HEB
Dinner - Half plate of salad with about 6 tons of pasta, HEB of chicken, and 2 x HEA of cheese
I have had a fab lolly and half a pack of jelly, 5.5 syns

I have been really motivated today, I am deffo going to stick with it, although I am trying to not have so many syns in the week as I have a wedding to go to on Sat and we have a lovely meal, which was ordered months ago, so I chose cheesecake for dessert lol and then we have buffet in the evening but I think I will tackle that on the day rather than worrying about it all week. Hope everyone else has been keeping on track.
Wednesday -
Breakfast - 2 weetabix with semi milk HEA +HEB
Lunch - 2 egg omelette with HEA cheese + mushrooms +salad 1 slice Wholemeal bread HEB
Dinner - Argh it is my bf's Bday and we are supposed to be having steak and chips, so unsure what I can do as I have had my Healthy extras today, I would have had chips with skins on for my HE. Can I do this and then syn the slice of bread I had with my lunch....I think this would be okay? I haven't planned too well today .
Snack - Apple.
I know we have birthday cake so shall have a small piece, 9 syns? It is just a regular sponge with cream and jam. Hope I haven't gone too much over.
On the plus side, I have biked 6 miles today, to work and back and then picking the kids up from school, and I might do some hooping in a while, so if I have gone over my syns I HOPEFULLY won't have done to much damage!


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I would syn the slice of bread (6 syns) and then have your 227g potato made into chips but make sure you leave the skin on or it won't count!!

Cake is something like 5.5 syns for 28g.

Not too much harm done! Amazing though, if we don't plan the day it can soon go awry!

Enjoy your bf's birthday tea.
Going to forget about yesterday, went so well then ended up with so many things happening and not getting home til gone 8 pm so ended up having fish and chips and then a crunchie for after,so...........

New Day today! Red

Breakfast - 4 scan bran with ½ tub quark on top, lol you need this to get them down.
chocolate highlights - 2 syns

Lunch - 2 x Homemade chilli beefburgers with HEB roll and HEA Cheese, salad and raw onion.

Dinner - Chicken, bacon and Morrisons eat smart sausages, with fresh leeks and carrots.

Had a muller light for snack and hopefully I will keep on track with my syns this evening. I may bake a fat free sponge to keep the munchies at bay.

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