Free breakfast ideas...


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I like having fruit for breakfast. Usually fresh pineapple and melon, topped with fat free natural yoghurt. Sometimes red/pink grapefruit. In summer especially, I love making a huge bowl of fruit salad and it lasts me a few days.
If you have a few syns to use, it's lovely with a bit of muesli on top, or raisins in. Yum!

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Polenta porridge (the recipe is on here somewhere), pudding rice with fruit, quorn sausages, tomatoes & mushrooms, fruit & low fat yoghurt, can't think of anymore at the moment :rolleyes:


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You could make a porridge with couscous, milk and splenda (add chopped fruit if you like). Just steep the couscous in hot water until absorbed, add a bit of milk to loosen and some plain yogurt. Add splenda and chopped berries on top and enjoy! Couscous contains quite a lot of protein and is a wholegrain so its very filling.

You don't have to have breakfast foods for breakfast if that makes sense, you could eat anything really. It doesn't have to be eggs or porridge etc. I love an egg fried rice in the morning! So you could have leftovers from the night before for breakfast. There's a popular Chinese breakfast dish called congee which is made from rice cooked till mushy and mixed with different spices and veg, it can also be made sweet (like a slightly runny rice pudding). Here's a link to more info

Jook or Congee chinese breakfast recipe


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scrambled egg, tin spagetti, bacon, grilled mushrooms & onion - keeps me going to lunch, sometimes even a couple of morrisons sausages worth 1 syn for the whole lot!!!


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Couscous is not a grain at all, it is a type of fine pasta made with durum wheat flour. Sorry, just being pedantic!

But wheat is a grain, isn't it?


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Cheese and onion toasty, oats so simple with milk and fruit, Big bowl of fresh fruits?


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smoked salmon on wholemeal bread taken from HEX b
smudging of Philly extra light cheese on bread 1 syn


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Weetabix crunchy bran with blueberries and VLF fromage frais ( hex b) or bacon , baked beans and SW saute potatoes.
I usually have a banana and yogurt and an orange. That way I haven't made any decisions about what kind of day it will be, or used up any healthy extras.