free food munchies!!!

i have just given up smoking (3 weeks this wknd) and im finding that i need to munch things when i would normally of had a cigarette and i could really use some ideas for free food snacky/nibbly things i can keep in the cupboard or fridge so that when i find myself in the kitchen wanting a nibble its not going to screw up my food optimising, as i have been sneaking biscuits out of my husbands not so secret stash causing a 2.5lb weight gain this week which was really disheartening as i have been planning all my meals and trying so hard to be good!!

the main suggestion at my group was fruit but i'm really not a fruity person and im on a bit of a tight budget so any ideas that are low cost would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance
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Do you like veggies? Raw veggies with SF hummous. SW quiche, HM soup. SW chips; hard boiled eggs.

Just a few ideas.



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Sw Jelly sweets (check the recipe sub-forum for details) - not syn free by only 1.5 syns for the lot


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syn free onion bhajis, Lean meats if on red/EE, Pasta salad, rice salad,


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sugar free jelly 1/2 syn for whole lot !!


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Does banana freeze ok

jimmy's girl

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At the moment i'm really enjoying having frozen mixed berries (straight from the freezer) stirred into f/f natural yoghurt. Very very yummy;)