Free the exercise equipment!!!


Just wondered how much exercise equipment you all had lurking and not currently being used.

Me, apart from the LL band and ball and DVD, I also have a further band (somewhere) another ball (niether of which are inflated), a glider, a rebounder and various exercise videos (yes videos) and DVD's and then theirs the dumbells, various sizes, the pilates rings and the underdoor sit up bar. :rolleyes: Oh and the dog.

I'm going to have to get them out and start using them! Especially the dog!!!;)
I have never used my LL ball either , am always worried that it might explode if I sit on it !:eek: I also have visions of the LL chap gyrating on the ball which made us all laugh and I just don't think I can do that !

Must use the band more to attack the bingo wings !:eek:

Other than that I only have an exercise bike and walking. No fancy equipment at all !:)
I have an exercise bike, a real bike, one of those fitness balls, an exercise mat, one of those twist boards, resistance bands, some small hand weights, some other exercise contraption thats meant to work abs (eh, wat abs??!) and the obligitory DVDs....must start using them!!