Free yoga video every day


Free daily yoga classes - no need to leave your living room! There's a new one every single day, so there's plenty of variety. You can watch them streaming online or download them to your PC.

Each class is rated for difficulty, so if you're just starting out, pick Beginner classes. You do have to put up with a few ads before each class but you can go and get your yoga mat, a towel and a glass of water while the ads are running.

Note: Tesco currently have yoga mats at £6.77. :)

Yoga Today
It's better if you do - particularly if you're kneeling or lying on your back - but you can do it with a thick towel or a rug if you're at home (or even a duvet - I did this once and it worked fine) :)
I have a really thick heavy wool rug in the sitting room. You know one of those big heavy ones that doesn't shift on a wooden floor. I know if I bough a yoga mat it would be more clutter and I don't need anymore. I'll maybe give it a try.

Thanks again Kate. (I'm aspiring to be fit soon, your exercise regime is amazing!)

Dizzy x
Mmm, but I do it for a living, so it's not actually the regime I'd pick for myself if I wasn't teaching (I'd do more weights and flexibility and a bit less high impact stuff). Don't try to do as much as I do! :)