Freezing cold and fed up :(


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hi burgerbun! i know how you feel hun, it's bl00dy freezing innit!! i've been sat in the house with the heating and fire and a blanket over me and still can't get warm, try and get some comfort from the fact that you are probably fat burning which makes you colder!!


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Hi all,

I dont know whats up with me today. I am FREEZING at work and feeling abit down in the dumps. Haven't eaten and dont intend to. Just dont know what to do :(

Awwww...soon as you can when you get home, have a long warm soak to defrost yourself and then put on as many layers and socks and blankets as you need and be kind to yourself hun..xx :D


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Yep I've been freezing in work today too - bleurghhh to the cold weather! My hands get so cold that my fingers wrinkle like they've been in water for too long and as for my poor feet :)


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Aww, I feel the same as you at the mo, always freezing when everyone else around me is just fine and just think Im weird, but its fat burning freezing so Im happy :D


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You're gonna laugh at me. People dont realise that I have lost weight until they look at my face and maybe my legs - this is because i am still dressed in 'fat clothes' but where as I wore them one layer at a time, I am multi layered.

As we speak I am wearing 1 longsleeved t shirt, 1 blouse, 1 dodo sweatshirt and a fleece. I am in my long discarded 22,s and under them I have leggings tights and socks. I have been know to don a blanket and make a hotwater bottle during the day (I have two at night).

Just as well I work from home, I look a right sight lol :)