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Fresh New start at weight watchers tonight

I have been pondering this week about going back to weight watchers after missing 4 weeks so i took bull by the horns and went tonight it was not to bad when i walked in my leader saw me and she asked where ive been so i told her and the reason why I did not have to pay the missed weeks I only had to pay joining fee tonight and I have had a gain not as bad as I thought I also asked if I can have a new record card so she gave me one . So Im going to give it a good go and use all my points and see the weight come off .
I won the raffle £5.00 voucher so I got a new journal to write my days eating and the points and also got a box of chocolate whip bars . So I am going to start and plan my meals and have a variety of thing for bfast each day .

Glad ive been tonight
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Well done Bethany that took a lot of guts to go back.......I am proud of you.
Well done for winning the journal, so no excuse for not writing your meals and points down.

Good luck hun


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Well done Bethany! Really pleased you went back ... not an easy thing to do.

Now make all your meal plans and do your shopping - and I look forward to reading how much you've lost next week!
I have not decided yet but the leader did mention about having a variety of different things for bfast if you have the same things it gets boring

Ive got some ww books with menu ideas in will look at them


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well done for getting back on track Bethany! - dont forget to start a fresh ticker - if your anything like me, that going down each week REALLY helps to keep motivated!!
Hi Nikki
Nice to talk to you again I think i will have to set another one up as my weight has changed since last time hun Its nice to see it moving every week
Take Care


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S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
You can always join us on the fallen angel thread Bethany - it's for all diets and helps motivate you every day.

If you have a good day you paste a star
like this one in your signature - and if you have 7 good days in a row you delete the 7 stars and put a spinning star in it's place like this one.
Then you start again the next week. So I've done 8 days of sticking to my diet and have 1 spinning star and 1 normal one.


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Well done for going back Bethany, it cant have been easy but i think you made the right decsion and you sound like your ready to stick to it 100% and it will be exciting to see the loss next week :D
Thanks Vodaka
No it was not that easy it was the thoughts of walking in when not been for 4 weeks . Im really wanting to lose weight now got the new ww magazine too also got some peanut bars and toffee bars as well


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
You just put your mouse over someones elses star, click the right part of the mouse and "COPY" - then go to your signature in your User CP and Click the righthand part of the mouse again and "PASTE" - then save your signature and a star will be there! If you have a good day tomorrow, no cheating mind! - someone will talk you through it.
Thanks Beverly
It does not sound as bad as it sounds hun i will not be cheating im going to write everything down in my journal and use all my points up what im allowed and see what weightloss i will have next week hun
Yes being slimmer is nice
but just think of the end results no it is not easy but will get through with the support of my meeting and all you nice people on here


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Well done

Bethany, Well done for returning to your meeting, sometimes just walking through the door can be tough.
You sound very motivated at the moment, keep it up. :)

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