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Fresh start

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by rjg123, 19 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. rjg123

    rjg123 Silver Member

    Hi - I'm Rachel. I had twin boys almost 10 months ago. The baby weight fell off pretty much instantly (back to my pre-pregnancy but over weight) but I'm ashamed to say I've put some of it back on recently - treating myself to a glass of wine or two once they've gone to bed and picking of an evening out of boredom (DH does early shifts and so goes to bed early).
    I'm back to work in a few weeks and am embarrassed about my weight as when I popped in with 2 newborns everyone commented how good I looked - my gain is noticeable. About a stone and a half!!
    I'm starting a fresh diary to keep me on track. Here goes...

    Bk - oats so simple banana, milk HEA
    Lunch - ready to Wok noodles 2.5, mushrooms and onions
    Tea - tuna pasta, pesto 3.5
    2 sugars in coffee - 2

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  3. rjg123

    rjg123 Silver Member

    Day 2 menu

    Bk - wm toast HEB and extra light clover 1.5syns
    Milk in coffee HEA, 2 sugars 2 syns
    Lunch - prawn and couscous salad
    Tea - spicy lamb mince with chickpeas 5syns grilled veggies

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    Last edited: 20 August 2014
  4. SilverMoon

    SilverMoon Silver Member

    Hey Rachel, here to sub! Food is looking great :) x
  5. rjg123

    rjg123 Silver Member

    Thanks! Enjoyed my food these last two days. Going to try my hardest to vary what I'm having.

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  6. rjg123

    rjg123 Silver Member

    Planning Thursdays food

    Bk - mushroom omelette, Apple
    Milk in coffees, HEA 2 sugars - 2 syns
    Lunch - wm roll HEB, ham salad, salad cream 2 syns
    Tea - Mediterranean chicken tray bake.

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  7. rjg123

    rjg123 Silver Member

    Ok, so I actually had...

    Bk - mushroom omelette,
    Milk in coffees, HEA 2 sugars - 2 syns
    Lunch - wm roll HEB, ham salad, petit filou 1.5syns Also scoffed pretty much a whole one of the boys scotch pancakes!!! 4syns
    Tea - Mediterranean chicken tray bake. Used 30g chorizo in it 3.5syns

    11 syns
  8. rjg123

    rjg123 Silver Member

    Going well so far - weekends are my Achilles heel though! I've no excuse tonight, DH is on an early shift so is early to bed. Will have to keep on track saturday as Sunday is my dad's 70th and we're going out for a meal. Planning to have this as a treat meal - not a whole day of it!! I've even offered to drive - very UN me!!!

    Today -
    Bk - poached egg on toast HEB, milk in coffee HEA, 2 sugars 2syns
    Lunch - pasta n sauce with courgette and grated parmesan 2syns, Apple
    Tea - Salmon Pasta bake with 6syns of cheese on top.
    Last edited: 22 August 2014
  9. rjg123

    rjg123 Silver Member

    Also had a danio mini
  10. Highhopes22

    Highhopes22 Member

    hi reading your threads, first congratulations on your twins! Soon be one !
    My daughter is expecting twin boys this Christmas! We were both on slimming world last July 2013 I weighted in at 13 st 10 lbs, got down to 11st 7 lbs by Christmas week.
    felt good, then stopped going thinking hey! I can do this on my own.....but now gained around 15 lbs....:(
    started back on it, on my own last Saturday, first weigh in tomorrow!!
  11. rjg123

    rjg123 Silver Member

    What a great Christmas present for you. Your daughter is in for a real treat. Don't get me wrong, the first 3 or so months were tough - the hardest thing I've ever done by far but at the moment they are just great! Making each other laugh all the time.
    You've proven SW works for you - you can do it again! Good luck!

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  12. rjg123

    rjg123 Silver Member

    Saturday menu

    Feel a bit bloated today, possibly from having a pasta for lunch and Tea. Going to try to have more red foods today.

    Bk - milk in coffee HEA, 2 sugars 2syns, Apple and raspberries

    Lunch - subway steak salad, olives 0.5syns, 1 tbsp salad cream 1syn, wm roll HEB

    Tea - Large chicken kebab (no pitta) with salad.
    1/2 one of those 185ml bottles of wine. 3 syns
    Last edited: 23 August 2014
  13. rjg123

    rjg123 Silver Member

    So yesterday went a little more over than I'd planned but hey ho. Back on it today!!!

    Bk - oatsosimple HEB, milk HEA, apple
    Lunch - chicken salad, 1)2 potato scone 2syns, raspberries and a peach
    Tea - chicken and spinach curry 6 syns, rice

    Here's to seeing less of me tomorrow.
    Last edited: 25 August 2014
  14. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

  15. rjg123

    rjg123 Silver Member

    And a mini bag of tesco wm breadsticks for 4 syns.

    Here's to seeing less of me tomorrow.
  16. rjg123

    rjg123 Silver Member

    So - Tuesday

    Milk in coffee HEA.
    Scrambled eggs and raspberries (random I know but it's what's in).

    Mugshot, toast HEB, plums Yeo valley %fat Greek yogurt with honey??? Syns

    Left over Chicken and spinach curry and rice 6syns

    Lots of water!!!

    Here's to seeing less of me tomorrow.
    Last edited: 26 August 2014
  17. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

  18. rjg123

    rjg123 Silver Member

    I cheated with curry paste! It's got a large bag of spinach in it so it's like a saag really. I sometimes stir a muller light Greek coconut yogurt in at the very end, it makes it a bit Korma/ passanda like!

    Here's to seeing less of me tomorrow.
  19. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

  20. tracey83

    tracey83 Full Member

  21. rjg123

    rjg123 Silver Member

    I'm only going to weigh myself every two weeks. I know from experience that a bad result on the scales can be cause to throw in the towel! I'm also terrible for sneaky peaks on the scales midweek. I weigh next a week today.

    Here's to seeing less of me tomorrow.

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