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FRIDAY Hour X Hour!!

the one day that baby decided to sleep in is the one day I have to get up to drive OH to work because he left his car there yesterday to go to the pub with his colleagues. :rolleyes:

I'm feeling a bit wobbly today but I'm putting it down to missing class last night, so I may text a few members of my group for a gossip. The gig last night was fantastic though - Supergrass rock. :D


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Hi all,

I am still feeling ugh, think I may go home at around lunch time once i have cleared all the bits off my desk.
Have also not eaten well at all, only had a bar yesterday just can't face it :(

Thank goodness I can spend the weekend in the couch.

Hope you are all enjoying the day.

Well done on the weight loss Mikey.

Morning All,

Freezing here in Berkshire, bitter wind.

Sorry you little peeps arnt feeling to good sending you both a hug.:grouphugg:

Well done with the weight loss Mikey;)

Blonde Logic

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Greetings from Windy Sussex. And thats the weather, not me I might add!! :D

Sorry you's are feeling poorly girls, and hope tomorrow looks brighter! SOunds like a Duvet and some good DVDs are in order!

Glad you had a good loss Mikey. :)

It is so friggin cold and windy down here. British Spring. Hrumpfh. I would be getting a sun tan by now back home! :D

Went to club lastnight, and saw the same people I have been seeing every week. Last night, 4 or 5 of them looked at me and their jaw hit the floor! lol They said, "Have you lost weight?" hehehe. They were really astounded. SO for some reason, in the last few days my face has changed dramatically I am told. Only thing I notice is the little wrinkles that were nicely puffed out by a fat face are emerging! Going to fill my tub with moisturiser and sit in it all weekend up to my eyeballs with a straw in my nose to breathe!! :rotflmao:

Anyway - have a good day everyone!!



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Hope all those feeling poorly feel better soon
Mikey... congrates on the loss
BL... you really do make me chuckle :)
I'm visiting a friend who I haven't seen for months today so it will be interesting what she thinks of my weight loss... enjoying the first of my 5 days off til I start my new job :D


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Cold windy and miserable in Cheshire and thats just me ha ha. No seriously the weather is like winter again. BL, I have had a few people say that my face has changed but I carn't see it myself. Getting a few also saying that after my next stone I don't need to lose anymore which infuriates me, I have another say 3 stone to lose in order for my bmi to be normal.


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Oh it's seriously freezing here, not nice at all. Been working in Preston today and I was on the 3rd floor of a large office and the sound of the wind whooshing around was deafening - then I've come out to come home and it's sooooooooo cold :(

Meant to be going shopping at the Trafford Centre this evening - thought I'd bra shop while there so I've just measured myself for a bra (thought I'd check if I've hit the 3's yet) and I'm still still going to be in the 4's as I'm 39"/99cm under my bust which according to La Senza has me at a 44 :( Ah well - hopefully be a 3 soon.


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Heya all,

hope everyones ok today and for the ones that arnt im sending huge get well vibes to ya! This is now my second day on the fodpacks, not feeling too bad thank god. Also whilst having my hot choccie shake this morning my 8 month old daughter kept coming over and trying to grab my mug! She obviously wants to start young. Have a great day all.

Lisa xx

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Hi everyone.

Phew. What a day. What a week!! Work has been M-A-N-I-C this week - well from Weds on. ALl the departments that deal with claims have merged, and become one big fat call centre. So - there goes any chance of being able to provide anyone customer service! Hate it....at the moment.....it will sort itself out, but now it is Redickydiculous!!!

I am taking the role of event planner for our team on, and I am going to start arranging for evening rides to Beachy Head. :D I'd have been twice by now already!!! :D

(I trust you up North, and here, there and everywhere else, know where/what Beachy Head is??? I really don't know, being a Yank and all, if it just has a local reputation, or a national one?)

Anyway! Enough about that!

I am contemplating getting a hair cut. I cut my own. Just bang in a few layers and fringe - any mistakes easily hidden with a quick rustle. ;) But I think I might actually splash out of of these days and get it done properly. And a new colour - usually do that myself too. But man, its SO expensive here in the salons!! So we'll see.

Hope you poorly little ones are feeling better this evening. <hugs>
And Bev, you are gonna knock the socks of your friend!!! :)

Don't worry Katie - you'll be in a slinky lil bra sooner then you know! :) My friend GGal told me she went to Bravissimo and got a proper fitting - sounded wonderful - nice bras, really good help, and items all wrapped up nice and pretty.....might need to venture there myself - mine are starting to hang.

My bra's that is. :rotflmao: Fortunately, doing OK in that neighbourhood!!! :D

Oh - I saw my doctor today for the result of my blood tests. Thankfully, they have ruled out any chance of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was relieved as have seen a good friend suffer horribly wiht that. Blood test did indicate a lot of inflmmation in my body - could be anywhere. I am not surprised as one joint is always hurting one way or another.

Totally unrelated to my Osteo-Arthritis - from the diets perspective - was good to know nothing at all has been affected by the diet. And they did a very comprehensive panel of tests. So thats a good thing to know!


I think that is the most I have said all week!!! I'm pooped!! :D Time for a shake and a chill out!

See you all laters!!

Katie - if you're measuring yourself for a bra, don't add the inches onto your back size, it makes the measurements wrong. So many places give you a badly fitted bra because they are taught to do it wrong.

If you can go to Bravissimo or John Lewis to have a bra fitted then do so, if you have to go anywhere else and they bring out a tape measure then run a mile. A good bra fitter can measure you by eye alone.

I am considerably bigger than you and wearing a size 22 top but I wear a 38HH bra and my back measurement is 37".

You might be in the 30's now but don't know it.:eek:


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OMG - I'm in labour - I must be, have never known pain like this!!!!

Remember me mentioning a couple of weeks ago, got to have 3 fillings replaced? Well all this week I have had a very mild, almost unnoticable ache, but my god today it is unbearable. Went to the chemist to get some strong painkillers - all they (boots that is) could recommend was Paramol, now I am seriously allergic to Paracetomol - most of the time I have it, I make that projectile vomiting scene in the Exorcist look like something from Play School. Anyways - had no choice had to have it - took two tablets, and although started to feel like I was gonna blow chunks, I didn't (very pleased about that).

Got home and called the dentist - no dentist in until Monday - the receptionist was great though, and called a few other branches - I could have an emergency appointment tomorrow morning in Bedford - Where the hell is that? I'm in SE essex - that's gotta be a good 2 or 3 hour drive away. So booked appointment for first thing Monday morning, so weekend will be spent dosed up with pain killers.

Anyways - last tablet is now wearing off, so off for an epidural now!


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Corey, I would call every dentist you can find to find out who the on-call emergency dentist is in this area. They all take turns.

I have been where you are and I managed to get sorted by a private dentist who was covering the emergency rota. He was so good that I signed up with him for a while (I had dental care at the time in my last gainful employment!)

Hope it gets better - but I doubt it will - jou can try clove oil - tadets really bad but numbs the pain!


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(I trust you up North, and here, there and everywhere else, know where/what Beachy Head is??? I really don't know, being a Yank and all, if it just has a local reputation, or a national one?)
BL - Beachy Head's sad reputation is well known nationally. I'm nervous about what type of event you are planning unless it involves lemmings!!!!!:p

Seriously though, an insurance claims company having some type of event at Beachy Head is questionable. Please tell me they don't specialise in life insurance!!!!!!:confused:

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