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FRIDAY Hour X Hour

T.G.I.F.!!!!!!! Hope everyone is good today and has a good weekend ahead of them!

I have a weekend of cleaning and organising and sorting and gardening and allsorts that are long overdue after our hols. But some of it involves hanign up MORE new clothes I bought last night. Somebody stop me!!! :D I am going to be bankrupt before I hit goal!! hehehehe

Have a great day and drink that water!
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longs to be average!
Morning all,

Have a busy day ahead of me - it's my leaving party at work, so meeting up for a chinese at lunch followed by copious amount of beer after - that'll mean a week ahead of me that will involve lots of cutting back. especially as I have my big reveal to my Mum next weekend at my neices wedding, need to ensure I am as skinny as I possibly can be. Still that said, I am landscaping my brother in laws back garden tomorrow and Sunday, patio being laid, railway sleepers going down, digging borders and laying a lawn, so should work it all off!!! I have to say, that even though I love design and building gardens, I am not enjoying this project for the simple reason I know that I will spend hours creating them this garden, and inside a month the grass will be either knee high or dead where they didn't water the turf, and the plants will be dead because they havn't watered them. They put up some window boxes last year (had the get the same as mine) and within 3 weeks all the plants were dead and that is where they stayed until March this year. It does infuriate me!! Anyways, rant over!!

Have a good day y'all.


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Morning All,

Another boring day at work! And its going to be a long one :sigh:

Corey I sometimes wonder why people even bother to go to all that trouble if they are not going to look after it.

BL you have replaced eating with shopping ;)

Foxes had me awake again at silly o' clock so I am grumpy and tired today. Oh well atleast I am not hungry.
God I'm exhausted this morning, I don't know why I didn't just go to bed last night when I was first tired :confused: :rolleyes:
Oh TG, I do the same thing, I start to feel tired.....but I manage to wake myself and then stay up far too late. Like little babies - when the are getting tired, they flail their arms about to stay awake....I think I still do that!! hehe Always afraid I might miss out on something. And I am right, I do. SLEEP!!! :D

Hope you perk up today! Have a nice cup of coffee!!
Corey, your mom and family are going to be so proud of you!!! Be prepared for lots of adulation!!! :D

Perhaps when you plant things in the soon-to-be-neglected garden, perhaps you should put in silk or plastic plants. If they never tend the garden, they won't notice! :D


I'm going to be slim
Morning all
Hope all you losers are well today & looking forward to the weekend
BL is you bike ready for a weekend run?
Corey at least when you leave it you can be proud of your achievement it is lovely to see a good end result with a project like that
Try not to fall asleep this morning Tange & thanks again for your kindness I am so pleased I have found this forum I feel that I have made another group of really supportive friends I have days of real struggling with this, it is the hardest & easiest diet I have ever done if I can stick to it 100% for a week at a time I will get to my goal by the end of the summer if I keep lapsing then I could be still doing it at christmas but which ever way I choose I will do this
Have a great day & good luck to all who have wi's today


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You are more than welcome Jayne.

Hang in there, its weekend.
I am battling with thoughts was really hard to walk past the caf, bagel shop and Pret this morning without stepping inside.
I made it to the office clutching my bottle of Evian and nothing else.
Being tired and having nothing to do does not help matters much either.
Hey all,
I'm a newbie to the site and have only been on LL for 2 weeks... loving it so far though it's hard for me. I split up with my boyfriend last night too and am really scared that i'm going to fall into my comfort eating ways... thus Friday is dragging for me sat at my desk and painfully watching everyone eating another employees birthday cakes and biscuits all around me! Roll on lunchtime so i can have my shake!


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Hi Hayls,

I am sure you will do just fine. Sorry to hear about the boyfriend. Imagine how strong you will feel when you work through that and stick to the diet.
Hang in there and maybe plan to pamper yourself this weekend.
Thanks Tange, that's really good advice and i'm definitely going to take it - it should serve as more of an incentive i guess, i'll show him what he's missing out on (in a few months time!!!)


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Thanks Tange, that's really good advice and i'm definitely going to take it - it should serve as more of an incentive i guess, i'll show him what he's missing out on (in a few months time!!!)
Absolutely!! That's the attitude.
Besides there are plenty fish in the sea (or so my nan used to tell me I am still looking though ;) )


constantly confused
If you can stick to abstinence through this, then you can through anything!

And just imagine seeing him when you're at goal, possibly with a hunky new fella on your arm as well! :D :D
Hi everyone and welcome Kayls. Sorry about your split up - never nice going through that. :( But - as said - stick to the diet through this and it will give you amazing confidence. And what is better then him seeing you slim and seeing what he misse dout on!! Come here for support - there are loads of people here to lift you and help you through.

Sorry your day is draggin Tange. Mine got cut short - my boss sent me home. My neck was playing up today so she took pity and told me to leave. Thats so nice when they do that.

RC - No! My Bike is not ready!!! GRRRRRRR!!!! Hopefully hubby will get at it tomorrow. Its very close, but he was exhausted after our trip and his immediate return to night shifts while jet-lagged, so I can't blame him. Hoping its done this weekend, there is not much left to do.

Keep up the good work ladies, oh, and Tange - sorry you have troubled thoughts, but kudos for resisting the caf, etc. Hang in there and I hope you have a good weekend with no troubled mind.



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Hi all.

Hope your lunch and beers were good Corey!

Welcome to the group Hayls - best of luck (and sorry about the bf split).

WI last night was OK - lost a tiny smidge under 6 lbs - my greatest weightloss since the end of week 14 (9 weeks ago).

My scales showed me weighing in at 14 1/2 stone his morning so I guess you could say that is another mii mini goal reached - amazing how many of those there are towards the end!

3 weeks only to go now until RTM and I'd like to lose another stone by then and that would make by BMI about 25. I would also have lost 40% of my start weight.

My target is to get to 13 stone which would be a loss of 10 stone in total and I think (hope) this is achievable.

Watch this space to see if I get there!

I'd be very interested to know who lost weight on RTM and how much.

Have a great weekend all.



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Hi all, had a strange day, been out for the first time today since going down with sinusitis... it's left me knackered! It wasn't helped by getting a puncture which cost £70 pound to replace!! Still mustn't moan as the sun has been out :)

Welcome Hayls
Enjoy your chinese and beer Corey
Great loss Mikey and good vibes to all

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