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Friday Morning's Hour by Hour thread!!

Good morning all
Couldn't get back to sleep after hubby got up for work :rolleyes:
So, I thought I would start today's thread!!
I had a rubbish day with water yesterday and today I am really trying for a better one especially after seeing Icemoose's thread!
Have to go to town today and pay some bills, all the ones I don't like to pay!
Hope everyone has a fab day! keep glugging!!!:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:
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Good Mornin Spooky:D I got up coz I needed a wee, 6am today, was 5am yesterday, and couldnt get back to sleep but to be honest I went to bed around 9pm so I didnt really need anymore sleep and laying in bed does my already knackered back in:mad: so here I am.

On my first lot of water, it's half a 1.5 ltr bottle so when that's gone I'll start on another, need to go check out icemoose's thread, not seen it yet:confused:

catch ya later spooks xxx

good morning everyone else xxx
good morning all ,hope everyone is ok ,
it s sunny here in grimsby today so might take the kids out for a bit ,
have a good day everone
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Good morning everyone.
I'm just starting on my first half a litre. I have a cold and sore throat but that makes me want to drink more water so can't complain.
Have a good day all.
Morning :D

How is everyone this morning?? I have a bit of a bad head :( . I did not get any sleep last night :( . I slept for most of the day yesterday because i was feeling unwell and then i couldn't sleep last night at all. I thought if i just stay awake now and keep myself awake for most of the day then i can have a nice early night, i'm thinking about 9pm :D ( lol and on a friday night too :rolleyes:).

I have just has about 1/4 pint and i am about to start my 1 litre bottle.

Good luck for today :D xx
oooooo, i've just realised, because i am up so early i bet i can drink about 4.5 - 5 litres today before 8pmish. oooo, i think i might try that, hehe :)
Must start with apologies for yesterdays ranting! It was an almighty bad day though! Still not feeling well but more positive & intending to stick to it 100% today.

Must confess I fell slap bang off the wagon last night & am out of ketosos for the 1st time in nearly 4 weeks BUT I sprinted off after the wagon (which I wouldn't have bothered doing 1 1/2 stone ago!) clambered back up & am ready for the new day!

Hope theres lots of you with my & feeling strong today.


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Morning everyone

I cheated again yesterday. I drove to the indian take-away, ordered a curry and naan bread, paid for it, but then walked out and went home without it. They will think I'm nuts! But then I came home and had an egg sandwich. Ggrrrrrrrrr how stupid after I'd just managed to leave the curry!

Anyway it's a new day and a new week today. Friday is the start of my CD week, so now I WILL get back into SS. I'm writing week 3 off as a total failure and ignoring it. Just done my weigh in and I haven't gained but have stayed exactly the same. So no loss but no gain either. I'm not going to dwell on it, just kick myself, forget it and get on with it now!

Week 4 WILL be different and this time next week I will be posting a big WOOOHOOOO on the daily thread and telling you I've lost some weight :)

Good luck to everyone for today, I'm off to glug some water :) I hope you all have a good day.
morning evryone, its nice n sunny here yippeeee!!!!!. fridays are normally my weigh-in day but not happening this wk or next as cdc is on holiday,were weighed last wk but dont get weighed again untill 10th aug!!. have drunk 3/4 ltr ofwater already and a coffee gonna try for a better day on the water as yesterday it were a struggle to drink it.
lets all have a good day.


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good morning ladies.

Yesterday was sooo hard for some reason. I could have chewed my own arm off when I got in from work last night. Still hanging in there and havent cheated yet but Boy I have come very close over the past couple of days.

Managed to do 4.5 litres yesterday. Done 1 litre so far this morning and am just having my second coffee with a peanut bar for my brekkie.

Its stopped raining!!!! hopefully I will be able to get outside with the kids today and stay away from the kitchen.

have a good one everyone

Mrs Roch

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Morning Gang...

Had restless night, but managed to go through until 7am without needing to get up for the loo...

Didn't feel good though in the night and think it might be having the frozen tetra last thing last night and not drinking any water with or after it...

Thank God it's Friday... I'm just sipping my first jug of fizzy water with Summer Berry contemplating having my first Tetra of the day..

Sending out some positive vibes - think we all need them especially with the weekend looming...

I think I might be visiting the Inspirational Slide Show on more than one occasion this weekend and I'll certainly be doing lots of chanting.... I will be slim.... I will be slim.....



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aaww Mocha, you little sweetheart, well done for getting back on the wagon...:party0011:
Hope you enjoyed your egg sandwich. Today is a fresh start, well done you. You did soooo well leaving the curry, don't think I could have done, not with the smell coming from the takeaway place :eek: yummy!! The egg sandwich is sooo much healthier than the curry so you did really well there. Pat on the back. Congrats on staying the same too:D

Onwards and upwards (or downwards weight wise)!!! xxx


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i did a silly thing...

I asked my hubby to take some more piccies of me this morning as I can feel such a difference in my weight, deffo can see it in my face...anyway, when I downloaded the pictures....:eek: shock shock horror, I think I preferred my before pictures!!!! I'm a terrible shape, no..really I am a really terrible funny looking shape and as my tum has come down a little (only a little) it looks even more weird LOL

I'm sort of over it now but I think if i get regular pictures taken then I wont actually look at them until I've lost a lot of weight, as I don't want it to put me off and make me eat.

Done 1.5 lts, been up since about 6am.

Hope you all are doing ok today. xxx


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aaww Hannah, hope you're feeling better. I remember the way I felt after eating just 1/2 a frozen tetra, and no extra water, deffo big mistake (for me anyway).

DId I tell you I had a choc tetra for breaky the other morning? I watered it down a bit and then gulped another glass of water on top of it, it was better diluted. i had one tetra left you see and the vanilla shake that I'd made with coffee that morning was putrid so I used the tetra, I may get a couple on Monday to dilute again.

have a good day xxx
i m also taking pictures every week sophia i think it s a great idea ,i m also in terrible shape my belly by far has got to be my worst thing full of stretch marks,c section scar looks like a big bowl jelly hence my oh calls me jelly belly but it s going slowly i know it s never gonna be perfect but just slimmer will do for me

Mrs Roch

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Blimey SJ you're doing well with your water this morning...

I might get OH to take some photos this weekend although forget my jelly belly, I won't be posting them up on here because I need my roots done...!!! :rotflmao:


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Hi Everyone.

Just got back in from dropping little one at nursery and getting a few bits from the shops.

Had 1 Litre of water so far this morning and I've just made myself a coffee with half a butterscotch pack added.



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Morning ladies!!!!!

Mocha and FC well done on getting back on track girlies.

i've been trying to take pics weekly too, i wear the same outfit to take them and 2ltrs down 4 to go.


Actually i nearly cheated yesterday and even put the prawn cracker to my mouth but i couldnt eat it, i wanted it badddddddddddd but couldnt bring my self to eat it.
hope everyone has a great day :)


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aawww, well done carebear, you did well not to crunch it, goooo youuuuuu xxx

Hannah, there is nooooo way that I will be posting ANY pictures yet, not til I've lost a few stones.. I could'nt face it, but it's good to take them for your own benefit to see how well you're doing until you are ready to reveal them on the before and after thread.

had a break from the water for an hour or so, had my shower and washed my hair, still got to dry it though, can't really be bothered though.

Hope y'all are having a good morning.
glug glug glug :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::D

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