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FRIDAY - Today as it happens.

We used to have this thread on the LL Forum and I really enjoyed it. It was really good at helping if anyone was going off track or had a problem and needed a quick, boost, slap or whatever. Heres how mine has started.

Well up and out and mucked out 3 horses, 3 more to go. Came in for breaky banana and a yoghurt (must remember to measure the milk), a bit of housework and then back out to muck out the other 3, and no they are not all mine.

Of course catching up on Minimins.

Hoping to get the house a bit more tidy today, as you can see I luckily dont work on Fridays.:):)

How has your day started and what are you expecting to do today.
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Hmm...my day...well started at 3am when Hubby woke me up snoring. He then woke up Daughter who wanted to play at that time of the morning!! NO!!!!!
Tossed and turned until 6.40 when was contemplating serving time for Hubby, got dressed and got lunch and breakfast ready before getting Little one sorted.
Im now at work and beginning to calm down a little!!! Lol...will see where the day takes me!
I'm also working this evening from 7.30 - 12.00, so will be quite tired tomorrow!
Got woken up at 7 by youngest daughter wanting the tv on. My son got up at 8 and eldest daughter is still in bed! Waiting for a friend to come round with her 2 so the house will be manic! This afternoon i am either gonna take the kids swimming (they dont know) or do the ironing!
Forgot to say i weighed my self on my own scales and it says i am 1lb up! must get rid of that by wi on tuesday
Morning, Ive been up since 7.45 no work today -back on monday
have had breakfast and bought the 'wheelies back in' !!
watched Jade from last night.Then went outside to have a look at the garden. Taking son for his last weekend at respite ,he wont be going again as he is now 18 !-soon
After that its just me and hubby;)
Fab thread LL :D

Today I got up reasonably early! The groomer came to pick one of our dogs up for her shampoo and cut :) I had some breakfast (Yogurt, fruit and Alpen Light bar) Then, I have been getting on with some more work and trying for some PMA to ward off a lurking cold, lol!
Happy Friday everyone xxx
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Got up, got the two girls ready and gropped them off at grannys before heading to work. Had a big blip yesterday evening with milk tray and ferrero rocher. So tired and hormonal.
Before I would have turned it into a bad weekend and "started again on monday" but i am determined to refocus and undo last nights badness.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
well stayed at mr ria's house last night and got drunk so woke up wiv hangover rolled out of bed realised i have forgotten my foundation so i look like a scary mary today , got to work 5 mins late been mega stressed ate a sausage butty (synd friday treat) am on my lunch now eating jacket and tuna and later i am watching batman so i am pretty much having a normal day the only things that vary are what i forget and what i eat lol

OH woke me and DD up at 5am stomping about getting ready for work. managed to get her and myself back to sleep and had a mini lie in until 8am. have done the dishes, swept and washed the kitchen floor, hoovered the stairs, ironed, done 2 loads of washing.
i've managed to get both myself & DD washed, dressed & fed before 9am (hifi bar for breakfast), she is now having a nap - im blooming worn out rushing about all morning so might have a nap myself this pm.

and now i'm trying to decide what to have for lunch.........

smash pizza maybe?

By the way it is a beautiful day here in Berkshire.:cool::cool:

Well didnt do any housework friend popped in and we went and saw the yearlings in the field, she has just left.

Had a very distraught phone call from DD, but thats a story for another day, but she is OK now.

Just eaten a Batchelors sin free noodles, I absolutely love them, to me they are better than chocolate, but just not as convenient.

I will then be off out do finish off the mucking out, stuff the housework, I hate it anyway......LOL

I am going to a horse show in Lancs on Sunday so will start getting ready for that. And no I dont ride I am just chief mucker outerer and lorry driver, it is my daughter that does it and she is slim.

Hope you have a great afternoon everyone. By the way I love Friday's:)
LadyLite...you live just down the road from me! Im in Andover.
:wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry: I knew we had more than one thing in common. I live 5 mins from J13 of M4/A34.

I can see your ouse from errrrr - LOL
Do you go to jive too???? Your face looks very familiar.
Do you go to jive too???? Your face looks very familiar.
No whats jive, unfortunately I have put on a lot of weight since then:cry::cry::cry:and need to put up another picture. Mind you I have still got a pretty face.........very wrinkled, but pretty.:8855:
Well im up late as I have a night shift tonight - another 12 hours of it - good god I need a new career! lol Anywho and I'm now about to weigh myself (..wish me luck!) then i have to travel back from peterborough on a three hour train to work which gives me some relax times so thats not too bad =]

Hope you'll all having a good day
No whats jive, unfortunately I have put on a lot of weight since then:cry::cry::cry:and need to put up another picture. Mind you I have still got a pretty face.........very wrinkled, but pretty.:8855:
Wrinkles or another way to look at wisdom lines!
I teach modern jive to beginners in Enham, but you look very similar to a lady that goes to a class in Newbury.
Good luck with your WI ChrisseyAnne.

I have just had 3 rashers HEB two fried eggs and bake beans for lunch and I feel lush.

Off out to do them horses now.
Well I have finished all my chores for the day, gonna watch American Idol, East Enders and have a nice relaxing evening.

For dinner I am having SW roast spuds with brussels, carrots and sin free gravy.

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