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Friday will be 12 weeks for me

This Friday i would have been doing ss for 12 weeks. It has gone so quickly and it is the quickest weight has dropped off me without heavy excersise. I am a male so weight comes off quicker sometimes than women but still very quick.

i have lost around 4 stone 2 already by friday think will be up to around 4 stone 8ish.

I would reccomend jsut stay tough for thefirst few weeks when bored just do something and drink water.

after 3-4 weeks it jsut becomes i think 2nd nature it is when you come off obviously when i think you need to be most commited but the urge of keeping weight off should do that if you have been up and down for years with weight like i have!!!

good luck everyone
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Its a great feeling, im in the same boat as you, i like you have found it has flown by, and still at this point am still 100% commited to CD i have another 4 months to go i think to get to goal - get there in the end, good luck to you its good to positive posts.
Well done all off you I hope I can stay as commited im determind but having some really down days where i question myself and think is this really worth it ? But seeing your losses keeps me focused so thanks for posting your story :D:D


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Well done Bro.. you are doing amazingly well! Your positive attitude is amazing.. and I am so proud of you..
We can do this and we can keep this off forever........

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Wow well done! :) You need a ticker or to add your losses/targets into the user CP on the board ;) so everyone can keep track of your progress!
Congratulations :)
Well done, thats a brilliant weight loss. Dont you find that 12 weeks seems a life time at first but when u get to that point its nothing....

My husband is back on his leave from Afghan in 12 weeks time and i'm so hoping he comes back to a new wife.... ME!!!!!!!

Im keeping quiet about my weight loss so it should be a massive shock to him, I hope!!!
yes i did not think i could do this long i really did not but as i said after a few weeks it became jsut 2nd nature.

i dont really even get hungry which is a bit worrying!!

have another 2 stone to go have 1-2 trips away so i think be there in about 8 weeks
WOW!! Well done you! I had a really bad day yesterday and I thought about giving up (only 2nd week) but everyone on here kept me going.

I've inspired me to keep going - 4st 8lbs, I bet you are a different man! Keep it up xx

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