Not sure if this is the right place for this or not but it seemed the most suitable...

anyway, just had a text off my friend, we'll call her 'A' saying that i hadn't invited her to a bbq i'm invited to this weekend and that i had been off with her since we got back from holidays. now the bbq is not mine to invite her to in the first place. our other mutual friend has also been invited and apparantly has said it to her to come along. my friend who we shall call 'B', who was on holidays with us also, but is MY friend is going to the bbq and apparantly said it to my friend 'A' to come along.

now i like to keep my friends kinda separate cos i have friends from school, old jobs, different walks of life and like the variety of doing different stuff with different people. the only reason that i would have asked her to come along to this was because our mutual friend, let call her 'C' was also invited and I wouldn't liked her to feel left out.

am i being very silly or is it her problem???? part of my reasons for doing this is that when people start going out with people and friend 'A' is a perfect example of this, they just kinda vere off there own way, which is perfectly fine but i don't want to be reliant on anyone or any group for my social life if that makes any sense, i like to spread it around and also i like the variety and like to get away without having to bring everyone or invite everyone!!

friend 'A' doesn't invite me everywhere with her either..... and that suits me just fine cos i don't want to go everywhere....

should i talk to her and if so what should i say???

i'd love any advice on this one guys and gals!!


Gen xx

ps.. when i got the text i rang her and said don't be silly i hadn't even thought of asking her which i really hadn't put much thought into beforehand but i still have all these reasons for why should i ask her...
It's her problem, hun! End of! lol

You've got enough on your plate to deal with without having to take every other person's feelings into consideration - you can't please everyone all the time.

It wasn't your party - you're not responsible for who gets invited or not.

i kinda thought the same... but i went through my teens being a really jealous person so sometimes find it hard to work out if i'm being a jealous ***** or just being an independent person!!! i'm sure i'll get to grips with it someday!

thanks for the quick reply hun


Gen xx