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Friends or foes

S: 13st12lb C: 11st8lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 2st4lb(16.49%)
As most you know I am starting LL in a couple of weeks, really looking fwd to it. I have told my other half and best friend and plan to tell my mum. I dont think I am going to tell anyone else because I am a worried they may bad mouth it, try to tempt me and overall cast a negative shadow over it. I have a lovely circle of friends and we have all at time struggled with our weight, id say 90% of us are over weight. I mentioned Ll to them a few weeks ago and they were all negative so havent mentioned it again. I thought I might tell them once they start noticing. My best firend was very postive at first but I think she is begining to get a little jealous as she kind of ignores me when I mention it (her oh wont let her do it)

I just wondered how everyone elses family and friends have been about LL? Postivie or negative?
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Mixed response to be honest! OH thought £66 was really expensive and when i said i was doing it he got in a bit of a huff but i think hes got use to the idea now as he knows it means so much to me plus were getting married next year so i have a big motivation this time not like before!!!
My mum has been brilliant she always supports me and has offered to go to gym n stuff with me if i want to(even tho she hates gym so means a lot). Dad thought again it was a lot of money but once i explained its all my food and i wouldnt be wasting money on snacks etc he thought was ok.
Im kinda the same as you i know some people will be negative coz of how expensive it is so im gonna give it a go(hopefully starting soon...waiting for start date) then i think when im loosing it they will be supportive.
Im telling my mates at uni tho as one of my close mates has just done it and ppl ahve been really supportive of her and shes now wearing size 10 skinny jeans!
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
I have had nothing but positive support from every single person that knows I am doing this. Like you - I told only 3 people when I started - but now, its obvious. And everyone at work, home, life everywhere has been supportive.

I am very lucky to know some wonderful people.

Those who are negative usually are jeaolous. T ake their comments with a very large grain of salt. ;)

i decided to tell everyone i was doing this diet so that i wouldnt find it easy to back out, i have to say everyone has been fantastic about it, my mum and dad have been great and have really kept me going.
I have only told 3 people and I've had interest, support and negativity. The negative person has turned completely and hugs me every time she sees me telling me that I'm doing so well! My OH is so supportive, I couldn't wish for more.

I'm only on week 3 so I don't have the issue of people noticing and asking questions. I haven't planned what I'm going to tell people when they ask, I don't want to be the subject of 20 questions, but not eating and drinking only water/coffee for social events will be noticed soon.

What's the best response to shut people up fellow LLers?
I have told my family and close friends only. Nobody else really needs to know. This is one of the points they discuss in the LL meetings as it often happens that your friends or colleagues start treating you differently with the more weight that you lose. Some of it might be envy so just rise above it. Good luck
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the only people who know, are my husband and my twin sister. but once i start more people will know, because it will become obvious, so i will just leave it at that.
Personally when I started CD, I didn't care what others thought. I knew I was making the right decision for me and my family. I benefitted being slimmer and fitter, and the family saw a happier Mum.
Win, lose or draw, I would not have regretted giving CD a shot. It worked for me and I consider myself fortunate to have found CD.
S: 16st1lb C: 16st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
The only people that have been negative with me are ones who are very overweight themselves, who I think enjoyed me being overweight too. It's their issue, not yours, don't let it bother you.
Couldn't agree more !! Are these what we call 'Diet Sabateurs'?

I had such a negative response after I text my pop in loss of 9lbs from one of my friends it really upset me and I quote from the text she sent; :cry:

Helen, I know it's the result you wanted but I can't say well done. I'm not convinced by ur arguments in favour of this - it seems to me that u r simply starving yourself. I honestly don't see how this can possibly b good 4 u, ur health or helping u 2 improve ur nutrition & attitude 2 food. Surely common sense tells u that 9lb loss in such a short time is not healthy? If someone else had posted this on the forum in the past u would have said the same thing.

I've gotten over it now, but at the time it really made me question why I was doing it. But then I realised that it's her problem - not mine. So now I will just keep my mouth shut !!!

She has also been away this week, and has sent wonderful messages of eating scones and pie and mash !!!


Have a Little Patience x
:wave_cry:Karma that's really sad. It never ceases to amaze me how people are so flippant with other people's feelings.

A girl in my group was saying that she had been so happy with her 13lb first week weight loss she'd gone in to tell her friends about it at work. One of them - a lady twice the size of her - apparently looked her up and down, sneered and said "are you SURE?" What a b1tch!

I do think people feel threatened by things that they're unfamiliar with. I know that I wasn't happy when a friend of mine started LL back in April and I actually pleaded with her not to do it. Who was I to lay that on her? It was because I'd been so brainwashed by WW and SW that I didn't really understand the virtues of a VLCD.

I tell you something tho - when I saw the weight dropping off her I was jealous. Happy for her cos I love her to bits... but SO jealous!!! Because I'd been comfortable with the fact that she was a big girl too and that we could go for lunches and stuff and suddenly she couldn't. Or in her case wouldn't because it was her choice to lose the weight which was making her ill.

I don't know where I'm going with this really - just trying to say, in a round about way that what SweetFannyAdams up there said is so true!! The only negative people I've encountered with LL so far are those who have weight to lose themselves.

It's a funny old world!
i have told everyone! ha
most people arent negative really just say oh i couldnt do that and then ask do i not miss food!!
my bf is brill now, at first just thought id do it for 3 days and give up (like cd) ha but now that im in my 3rd week is fab!! makes me stand up and he tells me where ya can see the looses from and measures me ha!!
my mam just keeps saying dont go to far but overall shes supportive!!
i found it easier to tell people cause im in college all week and out and a bout at weekends so the hole not eating would be noticable!!
people do apoligise for eating in front of me but it actually doesnt bother me!! ( i cook, shop go chippers for fella and feed the little lad ha)
S: 16st7lb C: 16st7lb G: 8st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
well done catz, you seem to be doing really well.
I have told ppl i want to tell, my mum was like oh thats expensive until i explained that we will be saving money.
My nan is like oh be careful im really worried about you two..lol.

Other than that, my hubby is doing o so far, im very surprised, i hope i do aswell as him, somehow i dont think i will!


Fighting Demons....
I've only been on LL since Wednesday and I've already been subjected to some serious negative reactions. I am quite open about it with my friends and family. My mum and dad are actually going to the information session on monday. And they've both been on the phone everyday to make sure i am ok, if I have any problems, etc.. they've been brilliant. My best mate is also on a diet of here own, based mainly on healthy eating and going to the gym! I know this will work for her. And she's been amazing too. In fact, all of my friends were very supportive - until last night!
My brother and I live together and our friend came over last night. The two of them just sat there and ripped into me for like twenty minutes. Just how much damage I'm doing to myself, I must in real danger of doing more harm than anything. In fact I was just starving myself etc.... They made me feel like I was doing something wrong. I guess I am lucky that my best mate is there to reassure me that I am doing something worth while. And even if there are some negative people out there, there are people I can turn to as well.

I tell you, this week is really the most emotional week ever!!!

B x
well done catz, you seem to be doing really well.
I have told ppl i want to tell, my mum was like oh thats expensive until i explained that we will be saving money.
My nan is like oh be careful im really worried about you two..lol.

Other than that, my hubby is doing o so far, im very surprised, i hope i do aswell as him, somehow i dont think i will!

awh thanks :) bet ull be grand spec cause ur hubby is a couple of days ahead of u hell be able to push u through the hard parts xxx

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