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From bad to sad to maaaaddd!!!

:D Hi everyone, hope your weekend is going well. I caught myself feeling a bit sad because I've been ill all week and shovelling the 'bad' stuff down my gullet. I weighed myself in Tesco and I had put 2lbs on. Shouldn't have done it I know but I just really wanted to know the damage prior to monday's WI. So there it is - gonna be 100% till WI now.

So that's the bad and the sad, now the mad. I found a way to push away the weight blues by banishing from my thoughts the idea that SW is a 'diet'. My weight loss is very very slow which I've found annoying, BUT if I look on it as a permanent way of life that's always gonna be with me then I'm chuffed! I can eat all this wonderful fresh food, tasty, wholesome and moreish and still lose or maintain my weight. That is truly a gift and I'd be 'mad' to turn it down!

This is one horse I ain't looking in the mouth!

Wishing you all good things in your weight loss journey,

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Aaaawww thankyou Michelle - you're a sweetie :):):).


Never gets tired of SW!
I think sometimes we all have days like that, when we just feel like shovelling all and sundry into our mouths and not even knowing why!! And other days it's easy to stay 100% on track! Perhaps we should stop thinking we have to be perfect and give ourselves some slack, say aiming for an 80/20 approach! We'd probably be more successful because we'd be allowing ourselves off days which is part of real life and start banishing the 'all or nothing' way of thinking which can lead to disaster!X
Thanks for the replies lovely laydeez. You've got it spot on there Funcurls. This striving for perfection, all or nothing approach can lead to disaster. It's what makes people who've got to goal pile the weight back on as they deprived themselves whilst on 'the diet' and once off refer back to bad eating habits. So in the long run it's much better to let go once in a while and just eat what you like in moderation so you don't feel deprived. You'll still be on a weight loss journey - just taking the scenic route!
Thanks SurreyGal, much better now :):):). ZXXXXXXXXXXXX

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