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From Camdridge Diet to Dukan diary.

Hi all, i'm new to this site but have been reading for a couple of days. I've been on the Cambridge diet for 2 1/2 weeks and have lost 16lbs. The trouble is i'm feeling really ill on it so have decided that from tomorrow i will give Dukan a go.

As i'm already in ketosis i'm not expecting a huge loss to start with but i'm hoping that i'm not going to gain (a bit nervous about eating again)

I've been out to get my oatbran and have got some chicken and prawns and all other neccessaties so am ready to go tomorrow! Just a quick question though, are fridge raiders allowed?
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Welcome to the forum tryin again, sounds like you're all set for starting dukan. Good luck for tomorrow - it will be odd for you to be back on solid foods, but I bet you'll have a great day eating!

I've used fridge raiders in emergency situations once or twice but they're best avoided if possible. Probably better to roast a chicken yourself and use the stripped meat from that.


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Good luck! I posted a long thing earlier on your other thread!

Definitely no fridge raiders on attack!


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OMG what are fridge raiders??? Can someone please explain to this Ozzie chick :)


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OMG what are fridge raiders??? Can someone please explain to this Ozzie chick :)
Bren you really don't want to know! they're a processed meat snack. Sold in little packs like crisps, but from the chiller cabinet:
Mattessons Fridge Raiders Barbeque Chicken Bites (65g) in Tesco | mySupermarket

and I can't see them EVER being a good thing for DUKAN. 9% fat, 6g per pack, 5+g carbs per pack.

In an emergency in the supermarket / while out and about and you have to have processed stuff better to reach for the ready-sliced roasted chicken on the shelf next to it. Like
Fergals Simply Roast Chicken (120g) in Tesco | mySupermarket
Tesco Roast Chicken Breast Sliced (240g) in Tesco | mySupermarket


is going to loose!
Thanks Anja xx

and you are right, better not knowing (vege me)

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