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From CD to WW!!


I will get to goal .....
Morning Guys,

Having spent the last month or so messing around with CD :rolleyes: I've decided to give WW another go. I love CD for the quick loss (got 1 stone off and regained a couple of lbs). Can't be coping with all that not eating and then eating and gaing 4lbs thanks to the glycogen stores refilling:mad:.

So I registered (free thanks to my voucher) at my local club on Thursday night. No difficult decisions to be made between core & points ... I'd eat forever on core!! So points it is!! I was dead on 10stone on the scales so decided to do 18 points while I can as I guess in a week or so i'll be down to 17 :(:sigh:

Started on Friday and had a great day - just under my 18 points allowance :D. Had a rubbish food day on Saturday thanks to a meal out on Saturday night with NOTHING healthy on menu:eek::eek:. Everything covered in sticky sauce/butter and because it was BF's family (who are pretty la-di-da IYKWIM) I didn't want to be seen as a fussy eater by asking for things without dressing or without sides :eek:. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed everything I did eat (food was amazing) - but didn't eat everthing I was served ;)

Great day yesterday - saved 4 points to help with damage limitation from Saturday night and intend to save a couple of points each day for the rest of the week to catch up a bit!

Going to brave the scales in the morning to see how I'm doing and fingers crossed I'll be seeing a loss on the scales on Thursday night!!

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Hi dobbie ive gone from ll too ww, ive been doing it just over a week ive put 5 pounds on!!!!Im blaming glyocgen levels for the gain, although im finding it hard too stick too 18 points, i think its cause i havent eaten for 6 months.Im giving myself until january then im going too go too a class if i dont get my act together.
Good luck with your weight loss.How much do you want too lose?


I will get to goal .....
Hey Guys!

Thanks for the welcome Starlight & Nails! I too am a quorn lover - tasty and oh so low in cals!! Defo a firm favourite as the points diminish :(

Eileen hun I gained 4.5 lbs when I started eating - it's only glycogen stores and will soon come off again. Of the 4.5 I gained last week 2.1 are off already (had a sneaky look on the scales yesterday) so fingers crossed it stays that way for WI tomorrow night! All in I have about 20 lbs to lose, although I might settle for 17 lbs. Is your ticker up to date chick? 7lbs - you are sooo nearly there. Good on you for going it alone too - I simply wouldn't have the willpower to stick to it 100% so I thought a class was needed to keep me in check ;)

Who else is going it alone then?? How do you find it?

Off to catch up on some threads - keep counting ;) :) xx


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Hi Dobbie! welcome and the very best of luck!.

Im going it alone too.. have never been to a meeting, to be honest I just wouldnt have the time and didnt want to use that as an excuse, I orginally photocopied ww stuff off my cousin from her meeting and followed that, about 2 months ago (im on ww 7months) I bought calculator, eating out guide and shopping guide on ebay.

I find this site fabulous for support and everyone was so helpful to me when I first started the diet and didnt know it very well!!.

Just never felt the need to go to one for some odd reason!! everyone is so different, I dont think I would have ever came this far if not for minimins.

How are you finding things so far?
Hi Dobbie
I'm going it alone now, started of at classes but feel I've got enough willpower to do it by myself, although saying 'by myself' isn't strictly true! Everyone on here is absolutely fantastic, they're such a great support network, like one happy family!
Any questions you've got just give us a shout.
Best of luck


I will get to goal .....
Hey Guys,

First WI was last night .... STS:eek:

Bit gutted as Tuesday morning I was showing a 2.1lb loss. I'd had a bit of an upset tum Weds and yesterday and wondered if that was something to do with it maybe:rolleyes:. Anyway, will be staying away from the scales this week and hope for a nice loss next week :D!

Good on you guys doing it alone! I wish I could - but somehow paying someone else to tell me how much weight i've lost (or not) helps to keep me a bit more focused ;)

Hi Dobbie, do you think you stayed the same because of CD?
Best to stay away from the scales, really hope it sorts itself out next week.


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Hi Dobbie

I did CD and found it was the best AND the worst diet I have ever done! I loved the weight loss but hated the no food bit!
I lost 2 stone in such a short amount of time .. pigged out and regained it all.

I am now doing weight watchers and I find that going to a weekly meeting helps me not to cheat!

Good luck to ya babes and we are all here for any support or advice you need!



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Hey Dobbie!!! I finally found you!! You know Mrs V started a thread on CD because we noticed you had stopped posting!!!!. We were all worried!! Glad you are OK hun! I'm on SW now after several attempts at CD and failing I threw in the towel (before I ate that too LOL) and started back on SW. Have to say not quite 100% as yet but today is the day! I'll be lurking to see how you are doing hun! Good luck Vxx
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There you are Dobbie, we missed you on the CD forum. Glad to see you are enjoying WW's, there seems to be alot of people who have made the switch successfully.

Good luck with your new journey and do let us know how you are getting on.


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