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  1. Flabbytofabby

    Flabbytofabby New Member

    Hello I'm new here. I recently went on holiday and whilst I had a great time I think the reality of putting on two stone hit me and I came back determined to do something about it. So I bought the FAB diet book gave it a good read and used it to do my online shop. Although I've put on two stone I don't feel too bad about it really I don't think I look too bad (maybe I'm slightly deluded) but I do miss fitting into my favorite clothes and I have found myself trying to find clothes that cover my arms as I seem to gain weight here the worst.

    I plan to update once a week with how my weeks gone my losses etc. I guess it just more so that I can look back and see how my journey had gone.
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  3. Flabbytofabby

    Flabbytofabby New Member

    Week 1
    Well I managed to stick to plan apart from one day where I had people round for tea but I managed to make good choices and I didn't feel guilty about this. I'm in no hurry to lose the weight and guess the longer that I'm enjoying the diet the longer I'll stick with it. I tried a few express from the book Turkey spaghetti which turned out to be a hit with the hubby. Ordered a magic measure and too all of my measurements quite excited to use this new toy. I think my favorite lunch was the smoked salmon and cream cheese on ryvita, I've ordered more of this for my next shop delivery.
    At the end of the week I've lost 3 1/2lbs 1 inch off my waist and one inch off my hips. Really pleased with my result this week although I expect it to slow from now on. First week is always the best right?
    3.5lbs down 18.5lbs to go.
  4. Flabbytofabby

    Flabbytofabby New Member

    Week 2
    Had quite a good week stuck to calories and the five percent fat rule except for a magnum but that was within calories.
    Lost 1.5lbs this week and 1 inch off my hips yay!
    I'm a bit worried about next weigh in as its not possible for me to stick to plan 4 days out of seven because of havig family to stay, so i will just try my best and aim for a stay the same weigh in next week.
  5. Flabbytofabby

    Flabbytofabby New Member

    Week three
    I only managed to stick to the diet for one day out of the seven this week because of having guests staying etc it just want possible as I haven't told people I am on a diet with so I was quite surprised that the scales said I had gained only half a pound very happy with that thought would a lot more.haven't done any measurements this week because the gain but will do next.
  6. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    Hi Hun
    I thought I'd pop by the RC part of the forum to see if it is any busier. I used to do this plan and enjoyed it for a few months after doing SW.
    Now I am trying WW.
    I hope you are getting on well with it.
    Good luck in your journey.
    Stacey xxx

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