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from vlcd to low carb...weight gain???


going to do it!!!!
hi everyone,
im currently doing cd ss+ and on day 6 im finding it quite difficult to follow for me, but want the quick weight loss, but ive also been reading up on various low carb diets and am wondering if i would gain weight straight away if a swapped to low carb diet??
i have lost about 7 lb up til now and would hate to put it back on straight away !!
has anybody done this and lost weight ? or is there always a gain?? not sure if im in ketosis but its day 6 so i should be(dont know whether this would make a difference??)
any replies would be greatly appreciated thanks Jo
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I did cd ss for months and lost 5 stone on it, i loved it!! :) Well done on your loss so far.. much more to come :)

Ok 3 options, 1 is to introduce it slowely, do the 810 plan for example, you should'nt gain nothing this way.

Or do low carb, aslong as it's only meat (100%) and what cd recommends (sp) for veg.. (cus veg contains carbs), you may or may not gain doing it this way, i gained a little when i switched from cd to low carb meals, but then the following week i lost it again..

Or just bin cd, and go straight onto low carb meal, prepare to maybe gain a little, but also loose it all the following week...

You will know when your in ketosis (i never relied on the stix), when your feeling full of energy, weird taste in your mouth, smelly breath, and not hungry!!

I am folllowing tesco diets low carb plan now, i have 4-5 stone to loose for my wedding in 7 mnths... lol... Am sure i can achieve something near to it.. They do your meal planning for you so you dont ave to worry about what to have.. And they do a shopping list for you, and can transfer it to tesco.com for home delivery...

Good luck with what ever you choose hun



going to do it!!!!
thanks amythest,
im having a serious diet dilemma at the min:( i know cd works by reading the threads on here and how well ppl have done on it and you, 5 stone thats fab!!
good luck on your weight loss journey and thanks again for your advice will let you know what i decide:confused:.
Jo xx
I often had a diet dilemma, but i can tell you now, low carb worked just as good as cd did... If you find your stalling on low carb do a week or 2 of cd :)..

best of luck x x
Low carb is the way forward! Best diet in the world. No reason why you shouldn't add in SS or other CD 'breaks' if you want to and can stick to it. It's a very individual thing.

Good luck!

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