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Fromage frais

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by raquel, 8 January 2010 Social URL.

  1. raquel

    raquel pink lady

    Any ideas what i can do with it please, interesting and spicy, thankyou in advance x
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  3. Circes

    Circes Strutting her stuff

    Very Low Fat Fromage Frais (VLFFF) Ideas

    1. as it is - ideal for topping fresh fruit or sweet trifles (add sweetener to taste)
    2. as it is - swirl into soups or other savoury dishes in place of cream to thicken slightly
    3. Add - anything - garlic, herbs, onion, chives, cucumber, mint, salmon, prawns, lean ham
    4. Coleslaw - use in place of mayonnaise - add seasonings etc.
    5. Potato salad - green day
    6. Spicy dishes - chicken tikka or curry - mix VLFFF with the spices, marinade and cook in normal way (grill etc).
    7. Chocolate mousse - add 2 sachets of Options chocolate sachets to 500g VLFFF and stir well.
    8. Jelly mousse - make up 1 pt sugar free jelly. Leave to cool and almost set (until like frog spawn!). Whisk in 500g VLFFF and leave to set.
    9. Prawn cocktail - Use VLFFF instead of mayo & add small amount of tomato sauce for colour.
    10. Spicy chicken/turkey - Take 2 heaped tbsp VLFFF, 1 heaped tsp curry powder, ½ tsp cayenne pepper, 1 tsp tomato puree. Mix together and use to marinade meat. Ideal for BBQs or grilled.
    11. Cream substitute - add lots of sweetener (4/5 tbsp per large tub) and 3 or 4 capfuls of vanilla essence, mix well & stir into soft fruit ie hot raspberries etc.
    When you are cooking with Fromage Frais, always add it as a thickener off the heat just before you serve otherwise it separates and is not appealing.
  4. raquel

    raquel pink lady

    Great many thanks, that should keep me busy x
  5. SlimDreams

    SlimDreams Full Member

    Thanks great ideas
  6. princesss01

    princesss01 Full Member

    Great ideas, thanks. Does it not taste a bit weird in coleslaw? I can't imagine???
  7. cupofteapet

    cupofteapet Full Member

    YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY Thank you kindly, not sure what to have first.:)

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