froth on the top of soup


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I switched to a hand whisk, and no more foam!


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Hand Blender, £4.49 tesco, its fab for soup x


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I find a handblender works quite well and only ends up with a tiny amount of froth, but if you want no froth it's best doing it in a saucepan (the good old fashioned way LOL).

Just a word of warning - are you making up the soup with hot water in the magic bullet? It's not recommended for hot liquids, I tried mixing soup up in it and it all came spurting out the sides, I was lucky not to burn myself - plus I wasted half my pack :(


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I have been - haven't had any mishaps yet, but will buy a hand blender and give that a try...



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Hi there,
I like most of the soups and used to do them in a saucepan, but now I do as my cdc showed me, put the pack in a large latte style mug, add a bit of cold water and mix to a smooth paste, when you have it all mixed pour on the boiling water and mix well(I just use a spoon) for a min or so. I have no lumps or froth...I would be sick if I had either of them!! cant do lumps:jelous:

So its a quick way of doing it and leaves less washing up!

I do make my shakes in the mixer though.

good luck !