Frou Frou/Imogen Heap

Yes, I've got some of her stuff and the album Speak For Yourself, but you don't hear of her a great deal. I seem to remember reading somewhere that she was doing more soundtrack stuff lately.
Yes, I know Imogen Heap. She was on in Birmingham not so long back. Very weird gig, but in a cool way. :cool: :D
ough you must forgive me if mu spelling is a bit squiffy....hjave just ben to a pub quix and had 2 bottles opf reda to mself. Don't eems t o be able to [ress keys properlyul.!!! Gotta lovbe OImogaen Heap!! thaats her nmame. IOf yhou can find any Frou Frou stuff you';;ll be laughing!!!

Wi;; tyope more in morning when more sensble!!!! byeee!!!!
Ah nicole, you make me laugh!!

Hope you had fun and arent suffering too much this morning

Lotsa love,