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frozen fruit


is getting better at it
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i know its free but is it the same taste wise or similar to fresh fruit, my problem is i buy fruit but dont eat it quick enough and it goes off. i saw some frozen pineapple the other day and i thought i may invest in some along with some other frozen fruits
opinions please :)
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Frozen fruit is fine and defintely cheaper out of season. I use it a lot although you may find that it is more watery than fresh fruit.
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Some fruit freezes better than others - strawberries end up quite watery but other berries work well. When you defrost them, you often get a lot of juice but it's all tasty.
Never had frozen pineapple but I imagine it would be okay.

I like mixing frozen berries with VLF natural yoghurt - the yoghurt freezes slightly with the cold fruit and it makes like an ice-cream type texture and it's really nice! More of a summer thing than winter really though, lol!
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I used frozen mixed berries (strawberry, cranberry, rasps, blueberries) last night as part of a dessert and they were really good. Always to hand and much cheaper than fresh but still taste as good. I would thoroughly recommend them!


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I use the frozen fruit (defrosted) in my porridge in the morning - dark cherries are my fave - esp with some cherry muller light stirred in too (instead of milk so you don't have to use a HExA.
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I like the Waitrose frozen Blackforest Fruits - it makes my Oatso Simple purple though but the big black cherries are worth it!


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I used to get the forst fruit because of the cherries, then thought, why not just get the cherries. I love my porridge now.
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Aldi do bags of cherries for £1.49 - bargain!
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Thanks for this I have some frozen fruit defrosting in the fridge for tomorrows breakfast - never thaught of adding it to my porridge - looking foward to it now!!


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I have frozen grapes and peeled bananas, both can be eaten from the freezer without out defrosting, great for nibbling in the evening.
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Soak forest berries or cherries in a splash of kirshe and some sweetner and serve with quark mixed up with sweetner and some mashed up meringues - YUMMMY!!

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I must be the only one that isn't keen on the mush which is defrosted fruit!
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I dont mind a bit of mush with forst fruits and general frozen berries, and they'r fab on top a merigue.

but i find having them to hand, ona week when im really trying to boost weight loss, 2 bowls of forest fruits/ frozen berries and lots of water does the trick. i think they'r fab and far cheaper.
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I've found that tesco frozen fruits are a bit watery but i'll keep trying until I find some that i like as its so expensive to buy fresh fruit all the time. The frozen tropical fruits sound lovely

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