Frozen grapes??


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Oooh i love them.. i put them on a metal kebab thing.. and put them in the freezer for about 3 hours.. i dont know if you could do less.. or sometims i just throw them into a cup and put the cup in the freezer.. i LOVE them

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They're unusual. My sister first told me about frozen grapes, but they're quite moreish once you get used to them. My teeth can't stand the cold now though so I don't really do it anymore. It's a really refreshing way to eat grapes though!


I love frozen grapes!! They are so yummy! I just usually but them in either a freezer bag or lunch box and then take them out a few at a time! They are like eating sweets!

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I use to freeze bananas too ....

Put them in with skins on ... it goes black but don't worry. Peel skin off and cut into little slices and mmmmm like creamy ice cream.

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I never thought of freezing grapes. Cool idea (see what I did there :D). I tend not to buy grapes because they don't last long but I am gonna get me some this weekend and freeze them. Thanks for the tip:)


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my consultant does this and puts them in drinks instead of ice cubes. anything to help you on your way to 5 a day :p