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frozen tetra


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Hi Shell

The bars are usually allowed after week 2.

Enjoy your frozen tetra hun!

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My CDC told me I could have bars after the 1st three days, so that's what I've been doing.


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My CDC say only one bar per day, i started bars after 3wks!


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After first 2weeks is official line. It sometimes slows some peoples losses down slightly - others don't have a problem. Yes one bar a day.

Tetras can be frozen in carton - there is room for it to expand. Only one frozen or heated pack a day is recommended.
I always pour the tetra into a cup before popping it in the freezer so I don't have to worry about getting the frozen block out of the carton!

Dee x


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ive been having the bars from day 1?! hope this is ok?
i have bought lolly moulds, i get 4 mini lolly (like mini milks -lovely)
out of 1 tetra. that means i can have 1 bar 1 soup 1/2 shake 1/2 tetra (2 lollys) in day!! seems to last longer/go further to me, ans i get to munch all night!! x


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i just shove the thing in the freezer then cut the top off with a kitchen knife and eat it out of the carton with a spoon :D i even take them to the cinema with me with the top cut off but still in place and my own spoon, ha.

beginning of week 3 for bars shell, but then you've already been told that :) some people get knocked out of ketosis, some don't. i love the cranberry bars but i'm going to have to cut back on them a bit. i don't have any left at the mo, ha. but one a day is the thing to do. and they are scrummy. it's great to have something to chew :)

abz xx
Beverley said earlier to only have one heated or frozen pack per day.......
I am having a warm cappuccino for breakfast, a warm chocolate shake for lunch and soup for tea. Is this allowed? Am I misunderstanding?


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i think it's to maintain the nutrients in the packs. although soup can't count towards that. or maybe she meant microwaving packs to make things... sorry. not sure. ha. not too helpful...
Thanks for trying. I'm pretty sure they don't expect me to have cold soup. Ewwwww!
I thought hot was okay as long as it wasn't boiling water. Fingers crossed. Don't want to be nutrient deficient, do I?!!


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I think it is just if you are cooking your packs for muffins etc, you can add hot water to your shakes...


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love the idea about have a bar half a shake and lollys etc.....sounds like you are eating more!!! im starting on my 3rd week this week so i take it i can eat the bars.....yummy......!!!!


getting slimmer
it feels like i'm eating all night, its ace.

the days not too bad for me, too busy to eat - its the nights that get me, so i have 1/2 a shake in the morning.
soup at tea with family and the rest all evening!

the bars are lush,
i got a tip of someone else on here and i'm sure they wont mind me sharing,

take 6 bars, and 6 freezer bags.
chop the bars into lttle pieces (about 12)
and now mix between the bags, so you have 2 flavours of each in each bag.
mix them up.
pop in the freezer.
you own bag of pic and mix/revels etc for the night in front of the telly!!

yummy!! x

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