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***frozen yet frivolous friday daily thread***


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Hello daily threaders

So much for my planned early night, I'm still up after an enlightening evening in front of the telly. My soaps as per usual but then 3 diet related programmes; the Channel 4 1200 calories diet programme with Anna Richardson and then 2 repeated documentaries on More 4 about obesity in the USA. Thought provoking stuff.

Well I have made it to the start of day 5, still hungry and would have probably flipped and blipped, except there is no food at home apart from some porridge and a few tins of vegetables.

Working from home, its great when weather is so awful and also when I have a cold but I am feeling a bit confined. Thought it would be too depressing to have a 'frozen friday' only thread, so I will try to do something nice and fun today, however minor,hence the 'frivolous'!:banana dancer:

Good Luck to all x
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morning blingbabe! :)

another one working from home today! Cant move car off driveway so it seems i'm staying put until the weather improves a little bit and i feel brave to try move it! EEEK!

feeling the benefits of being on SS and loving that my body is already starting to respond to the low cals! Not been wearing "real" clothes this week though cos of the snow so will have to try on some trousers and see if they feel any less tight! lol.
i have a wardrobe of beautiful clothes that i can not wait to gt back into!!!!!! That in itself is keeping me going!
I have to keep reminding myself that this isnt forever, its a fresh start and SS is to lose all the excess weight and then its working up the plans again!
here's hoping that i am learning more this time! :)



likes to post
morning all, another "snow day" for me, also can't get car off drive way,I have dug it out but our road is on a steep hill got compacted snow on it, I'm too scared to try and move it, lots of cars have got stuck, and can't get up it! Day 4 ss for me, but I feel so bloated must be all the water I'm drinking, going to walk out to the shops later to get some food in for dh, have a good day everyone.


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Morning all,
No working from home for me but that's ok as my office is nice and cosy! Could do with a pjyama day though - been on a new pill and have been bleeding for the last 6 weeks! Very fed up with it now and been crampy and sore for the last few days. However, went to docs yesterday and have a different one which I'll start today so hopefully I'll notice a difference over the weekend. Gotta say though, it makes the food demons fight harder, but I won the fight yesterday so intend to do the same today!

Right, off to the shower.

Stay warm and keep losing folks!

Thelma x

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
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This week isnt getting any better for me. Didnt make it to my CDC last night and wont be making it to her tonight either as i my car is still on the garage forecourt over 50 miles away and the damn snow isnt convincing my boyfriend to go any further than he has to.

He was meant to pick me up from work yesterday at 4pm by 6.30pm our friend and his family rescued me :)
Today however im meant to finish work at 2 and i k now for a fact he wont even be considering leaving work at that time let alne picking me up by then :( :( :( :(

I have worked 36 and a half hours already and im only meant to do 38 and i wont get any extra pay for being here cos they havent asked me to be :(

My boss is a pretty decent man so i know he'll let me have time off instead, whether its a half day or starting later a few days in the week or leaving earlier. So much harder when the assistant manager is on holiday, i have no car and the weather is proper gay.

blah blah blah

Well ive had my first shake and about to start drinking my 1.5litre bottle of water.

I went OTT on the green tea yesterday as we had no heating at work so hot drinks only. Dont think i could have had any more when i got home so i was drinking warmish water when i finally got home haha.

Today feels like its a long day already so im going to popping on and off here all day to keep me entertained.

Sorry being a whingy git, im normally a very outgoing person but at the moment im well and truly stuck so feeling a bit down.....


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Morning CD'ers!!!! :D

Have to start with i can see sun out my window im sooooo excited :D prob means **** all but its better than seeing flakes


Gonne venture out today to get me nails done need to get out getting bad cabin fever stuck in and will be fun im sure getting car off the drive that aint been moved since tue afternoon :D think might pop into a few clothes shops too and get me dollars for next friday, keep checking heathrow departures that planes are actually leaving HOW SAD am i !!! in the fear of the weather being bad again next week.. my plane has to go lolol

Good luck to all CD'ers today!! May it be 100% ;) and think thin & beautiful !!

You can do it!



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Morning lovely people, well I feel like rubbish today. Have a cold and cough and my chest feeling like it is going to explode. Going back to bed, will get on later

Charlie xx


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Hi Daily Threaders --

Was going to start working out by heading to the gym this am -- then got a message from my future workout partner that a water pipe had burst, so now we'll meet up on Monday am. But, my neighbour just phoned and we're going to brave the cold to walk the dog. Be back on later.

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Good morning all! Just a quick hello this morning as I've got to finish getting ready and get into uni to meet with my group and go over our presentation for Tuesday. Is my first day of my restart today so hopefully it'll go well. Will avoid the uni shop where they sell lots of yummy food, a lot healthy, but still. They do chef courses so have their food they make as part of their course for sale, so I shall stay away. The CD soup will be better than their soup anyway I'm sure!! =/ Not a great start this morning though, can't find my shaker! Will pop to the shops on the way home and buy a stick blender though so will just have to wait until then, will be fine.

As I'm starting today and seeing my CD on monday I think I'm going to use my own weigh ins and measurements as my official ones as it'll actually be a week each time. It also makes it a bit easier with my CDC as she works shifts so it doesn't matter so much to me if we meet on a different day instead. Is it sad that I'm excited by it all?!


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im at home again today, my daughters school opened yesterday and is open today from 10-2, sons school has been shut all week and i work there so had an extra week off, gotta go and start the car up today just to make sure its gonna start, its been sat on the drive since mon aft, i aint driving in it so lettin hubby drive me to CDC in morning ;)


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Morning :) ... still iced and snowed in, its pants now! Im getting fed up with it!, havnt earnt any money this week atall its miserable! ..

diet wise im on day 5 :) ooooo 2 to go until w.i im excited hehe ...

may take dog up on forest shortly to wear out him and my little boy other than that it will be mostly a pyjama day :D


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Hi Again,
Caroline I think it is great that you are excited -- it bodes well for success. We walked the dog and saw lots of other brave souls out with theirs. True Love. My fingers were so stiff when we got back to the house that when she pulled on the lead... she got free! However, we were pretty certain that she just ran next door, even though I was we walking with the neighbour that lives there. Sure enough, was waiting for Pat by her back door. Relief... and some extra steps. Getting ready to set up the DS Fitness Coach -- that I've been looking at all week. Won't count steps if you're running or stepping -- just walking. Thank goodness I'm so unfit that I'll only be walking on the treadmill for now. LOL



Back On Track!
S: 14st13lb C: 17st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 43 Loss: -2st6lb(-16.27%)
Oh what a weekthis has turned out to be - I have decided that snow is only exciting if you have never seen it before or you are in the Alps for a ski-ing holiday; otherwise it's a right nuisance.

I can see from reading the posts that I have had a much easier time, working from home with pay assured and not having to venture out since it started.

On a positive note, my cold seems to be improving and I wasn't terribly hungry when I woke up- will soon have my first foodpack (hot chocolate, yummy!). Wasn't sure that I would make it to Day 5, so pleased that I have, it was worth it to go through the rumbling tummy and constant hunger. Don't think I am in ketosis yet but certainly on the way.

I do feel for the people that have been so disrupted by the snow; Hayley, it must feel as if so much has gone wrong this week, right down to the heating failing at work. Lets hope that the darn snow will go!

Catch up later x

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
S: 12st6.8lb C: 12st6.8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

Unfortuantely where i live we're expectign snow showers all day today and tomorrow and then heavy snow on sunday and monday so looks like i'll be stuck in a bit more. Thank god for laptops, ps3, wii fit plus, xbox etc otherwise i really would go mad! Also got lots of seasons of 24 to catch up on and prison break box set :)


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Day three for me - just got my first shake (strawberry)
Had a small blib last nite but swiftly back on track - praying for ketosis to kick in asap.
Have a good one peeps xxx


please try again
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1l of water down so far, no packs yet


Why Be Normal?
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Hi Claire,

Well done -- I'm working on it (the water). I'm going to finish this pint, go out and shovel the walk (as I planned an hour ago) -- and then get some more stuff accomplished.


P.S. Does Kaya do amusement parks like Alton Towers?


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Well got me nails done :D feel better now! and bought lovely pair of boots from shop over road to nail bar

Thats me happy lol

HOPING!!! to be back to work monday....either way im going! snow or no snow..will get them all going at 2mph lol :D ;)


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)

Can you drive with the boots on? Oh wait, if you're working they're driving and your stressing. ;) Scary job, non?


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