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***miraculous monday*** daily thread

Dearest daily threaders

It's a pleasure to be starting off the daily thread for a new day and a new week, particularly after being off plan for a few days.
I think one day in the future I will reveal my misadventures during that time, lets just say I boosted the profits at MacDonalds and the Marks & Spencer food hall!
Its a relatively quiet week ahead for me, which is ideal for getting back into ketosis. I have been invited to a friend's house for a meal on Friday, there will be other guests from work. The timing was arranged a while back with the idea that I would be on 810 and be able to have a light meal - this friend has done Lighterlife Lite so I know that it will be a simple chicken and salad for me.

Good Luck to all, BTW, today is miraculous for me as I thought I had blown it on my CD journey but here I am not defeated by the 'food demons' :Na_Na_Na_Na:

All the best x
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Can hug her knees :)
oh dear this title doesnt quite fit me today :( broke my 100% on wine and yes i know how bad it is, but i had a cruddy sunday, i had 2 mini bottles in the fridge for an emergency, and they both got drank so thats 2 large glasses of wine was it worth it? probably not, sure I will feel like death when I wake up and it wont of changed any of the cruddyness got to be up in lless than 5 hours for work and I have my weigh in tomorrow, really hope im not too starving :)
I love the sound of your misadventures Bling :)
hope friday goes well and well done with the demons :) xx
Well done on the demos blingbabe!! And fantastic for just going on after that!

misspinket, same for you, okay you slipped but your gonna go for it again :) so well done for that!

Here i hope its gonna be a miraculous monday as well. After the awfull day i had yesterday and the break down at the end, i sure want to be today to be a better day. I am going to limit my doings till what is absolutely neceserry and for the rest i wil indulge myself with attention for myself and my daughter!

I hope everyone will have a great day today :D
Well done Blingbabe for fending off those food demons, and Miss PK am sure you will be fine. Must admit I am miffed as was hoping for my 4st today,but pmt has taken over and I have no control over weight due to those horrid hormones.
However at least I now have the jungle each night to take my mind off the diet, Ant and Dec are such a hoot.
Have a great week all x


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Good luck to you all and well done for getting back on the wagons. I'm on day five of my restart and planning to stay 100% :D


Slimming down the aisle
Morning everyone! I have to admit, I had McDonalds yesterday too... was quite disappointed! I went to the Apple store in town to get them to replace my macbook charger which MELTED but they said I needed an appointment and they didn't have any, so instead they booked me an appointment for a store that was about 20 minutes away by train. It meant I had about 3 and a half hours to spare, but there wasn't any point going home because Sunday means dodgy bus and train times. So I walked around for ages, but I hadn't eaten anything so was pretty hungry by 1 and I couldn't find anywhere healthy! Greggs was shut, all there was were McDonalds and coffee shops like Starbucks and Costa. Oh well, I did well the rest of the day I suppose! But I'm planning on sticking to my plan and within my limits for the rest of this week without a doubt! I've possibly got a friend coming to stay which at first I thought would throw it off, but actually he's into his healthy eating and stuff, so I'll just suggest we eat here. Or if we do go out, I'll suggest somewhere like Nandos where I can have a plain chicken salad which I actually really like!

Today I'll probably be around a bit, going to get some work done and dust off the old Wii Fit I think. Haven't used it since I moved in on the 30th of September! And I was away before that, so was beginning of August!

Tomorrow I've finally got my gym induction, yay!! I'm actually really looking forward to getting back to the gym, especially as I'm not on CD, I need that extra help. I've also got the doctors in the morning, it's my first appointment with a new one since moving so going to have to relay all my issues with her and hope she's helpful!
Have a great day all - my first (unofficial) weigh in today gave a result of 9lbs :D but back at my CDC on Thursday night so will do official weight loss record then - can't wait!

Have a great Monday all and let's kick those demons into touch :)


please try again
morning girlies, hope everyones having a good one, willl ask the wagon driver to go slow, make sure weve got everyone on board

im avoiding going out, its lashing it down with rain here so im snuggled up on the sofa watching the x factor repeat and chatting online
need more water today, wasnt so good with it yesterday


Slimming down the aisle
Wow, I just worked out my calories for yesterday! I use Weight Loss Resources, which is great. Has all the calories and nutrition breakdown for everything! So put in my McDonalds slip, and I'm still within my calorie limit! I still only had 1150, and I allow myself between 1200 and 1600. They recommend that if I stick to 1800 I'd lose 2lbs a week. Of course, the fat content was high, so it's not all good news! Thankfully I had relatively little fat throughout the rest of the day. It's still under the recommended daily intake of 65g or less, but it's too high a percentage of my total in my opinion. I will have to make sure that I do get to the gym more after having my induction tomorrow! I plan on 3-4 times a week, so we'll see!
good news Caroline!
this really is confessions thread today hehe, i slipped on sat and have basically only just got a grip this morning. 2 days off and i'm now back on the wagon. my CDC is away to tenerife so i need to just get my head down and see what i can do. i've got 2 weeks of packs left but to be honest, i dont think i'll manage much more than that. if i can lost half a stone in the next 2 weeks i'd be pretty chuffed with that, it'd leave just under a stone to go till i'd be in the healthy bmi range and TBH i think i'll just join SW in the new year to lose that, i need a weekly weigh in to keep me on track. i've bought my dress for xmas nights out etc, it fits perfectly and i cant wait to wear it :D just need to stay on that agon and make the most of CD by being saintly for the next couple of weeks
this is thee dress :D
Oasis All Dresses| Black Lace Tucked Sleeve Shift Dress | Womens Fashion Clothing | Oasis Stores UK

i met my hubby at a size 12 in 2006, i was a size 18 xmas 2007 when i'd just had my daughter, a 16 xmas last year (2008), and if i lose a few pounds i'll be looking at finally back to a 12. omg, dieting is tough! xx


Slimming down the aisle
Yup, I can not beat myself up quite as much as I was! Though still isn't good, and I must stay away. To be honest, I don't even like it much!!

Well done on the 9lbs Trudy, that's fab! And you've still got a few days yet.

I've got really good at not scale jumping now, I used to every day, a couple of times a day. Now I weigh myself on a Weds morning, and that's it. I'll sometimes jump on once midweek, but they're less of a chain around my neck now! I weighed myself last Weds, and haven't been on since. Though, now I've mentioned it, I'm tempted to take a looksie!


Slimming down the aisle
Minx... do you not have a weekly weigh in with your CDC usually?


Slimming down the aisle
Whoops... I jumped on the scales... 2lbs down so far, 2 days left to go, so here's hoping for a good week!
caroline thanks, yeah my WI day is monday, i had my first WI and lost 6, then 3, then instead of today WI i weighed in on fri just gone and i was still the same (have been low cab nibbling, grr). so now next WI is tues morning (a week tomorrow) but because i've got extra packs from being bad at the weekend i've go enough to do me 2 weeks. so annoying as i had a really good 2 weeks and if i just got stuck in i could lose my 20lb for xmas but because i know this, i panick and end up sabotaging myself. very annoying as i know exactly what i have to do, its just the doing it thats the problem. it doesnt help that i'm currently hating my job and want to quit but am having trouble sorting out my other agency job so this erratic work lifestyle panicks me more and i freak out about it all and eat. under my tongue is covered in ulcers from worry. i just want it to be xmas and i can relax and have my HB off on holiday and have nice times hehe
Good Morning all

Hope everyone getting on OK. I have been very inspired by all the posts today (thats why I've been hitting the thanks button) - well done Caroline to look up the nutritional values of your McD meal yesterday, forgive yourself mispinkkat for one blip in an otherwise excellent commitment to CD and great loss Rudles!
Day 2 of re-start and yes, the scales have already moved in a downwards direction. I will get weighed on Thursday and hope to have removed most or even all of the damage from my wild 4 days off plan.

Working from home - in the background its the Jessica Simpson 'hair-do' extensions on QVC, I wouldn't mind a change of image but knowing my luck the clip-ons would fall out on the bus?!

Catch up later x
Ohhh I've gone for a new colour today Bling - radical for me went from fair with highlights to dark brown for first time ever but only after I'd worn a black wig at halloween and had loads of compliments about it!

I go to my CDC every two weeks so use my scales as unofficial weigh in on a Monday although have to admit to being a scale-jumper during my first week :S Have loads of taxi runs to do with the kids on a Monday night but might talk to OH and CDC about changing day to a Monday as I started on a Monday :)
Good morning everyone, just thought I'd use this thread to impulse some 100% SS vibes coz man, I nibbled this weekend. :eek: I've been back form Holidays a week, told myself I'd be 100% until Xmas... weekend comes around and I muck it up with tidbits of food here and there...and I didn't drink my water :eek::eek::eek:
Someone tell what that is ALL about, I think it's the fact that I lost an entire stone (WI yesterday morning) and am being permissive? Well I'm not going to beat myself up, but I neeeeed to nip the nibbling down to zero. That's my aim for today along with the water. Someone give me a swift kick up my backside, I feel myself sliding, giving myself allowances and exceptions... oh those mind ghames we play!!
Hi all and well done to those who have caught back up with the wagon, I am doing fine had another night out with friends and me on the water no probs apart from some agro with another women who had a thing for my hubby so I had to put up with dirty looks and *****y comments all night but never mind.

So girlies we can get through this miserable weather week and beat off those food demons together!!
Ohhh I've gone for a new colour today Bling - radical for me went from fair with highlights to dark brown for first time ever but only after I'd worn a black wig at halloween and had loads of compliments about it!
I changed from blonde to black after halloween last year and haven't changed back I love being dark

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