fruit cake


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You can make a fat free fruit cake by soaking the fruit in tea overnight to make it swell up but it will be very high syn.
At a rough guess dried fruit is 5 syns per 28g, flour is 5 syns per 28g and you'll need some sugar or sweetener too.
Eggs are free though!

It does make a nice cake but very high syn. You'd be better off with malt loaf :)


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You could try some of these weetabix cake recipes which arent too bad syns wise, especially if you use the ingredients as a HEX B

Probably best posting this in the recipes sub-folder - it will probably be moved.

Also, if you havent already - try using the mini-mins search feature - it really is very good - some forum designs dont have a search option at all, so we really should make the most of this one! Admittedly, you might not have found these weetabix recipes searching for fruit cake, but its worth knowing nonetheless.