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Fruit Flavoured Teas

Now I know these are free, but are there any weightloss benefits to drinking them? I drink black coffee with no sugar or sweetner so dont have to worry about my HE A allowance for hot drinks, but wondered if it would be worth swapping for fruit tea. Do they speed your metabolism up or anything? Just a quick ponder, hope someone can help. :hmm:
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The herbal teas have suggested health benefits, according to what's in them. Camomile, peppermint, fennel, etc. are used to calm a dodgy tummy, as a diet aid and whatnot. I don't know whether there's any scientific fact behind it, but some people say it does work.

I don't think there are any particular benefits to fruity teas, but they taste nice, add to your fluid intake and also, I find drinking hot water has an *ahem* flushing effect on my system!

I also drink green tea, which does the same thing. That reportedly is a good slimming aid as it may help speed up your metabolism and I find it is a very good appetite suppressant. If I have a cup mid-morning, I usually don't get hungry until 1pm-ish instead of midday on the dot!
Mmmm, something to consider then. A flushing effect would help quite considerably as I have terrible IBS. Thanks Hellie xx


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Hellie summed it up perfectly!

Here is a link to a site that may be of interest:

Indulge Tea - Herbal and Fruit Teas (Tisanes)

All I will say is that since cutting back the coffee and introducing herbal teas (mostly green tea with jasmine) into my daily lifestyle, I feel generally better. My skin is a lot better too. Also, it helps ease my IBS - something we both suffer from. Coffee is meant to worsen it according to some sources...and I will say mine plays up if I drink coffee. Hope this has helped :)

Well now you mention it, I've been drinking loads more coffee and it has got worse! I've just poured myself a blackcurrant infusions tea and shall see how i get on.
Thanks both xxxxxxx

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