Fruit keeps making me ill!


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Hiya guys,

So I've been on SW for nearly a month and it's been going well. I've always been more of a veg kind of gal but thought I'd use SW as an opportunity to get my fruit intake up, thus giving me more options when it comes to grabbing some SuperFree.

Anyway, I've had a few trials with it such as frozen bluberries, strawberries and raspberries. Also some sliced mango etc.

However every single time I've eaten any fruit it's just made me really unwell. I can't understand it! I've eaten fruit as part of desserts and stuff in the past so why am I all of a sudden being ill from it.

Is there any suggestions as to why this could be happening? I'm really trying to eat more fruit but at the moment I'm just completeley put off!
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that sounds odd
if it's not TMI how is it making you unwell? how much have you been eating?

I know that some fruits give me Sue Ellen pouty lips, and too many plums go straight through me

I'd suggest washing and peeling where possible for a start (I know you need the skin e.g. on an apple for fibre, but just in the test phase), maybe try buying a couple of pieces of organic fruit in case its the pesticides / wax that you are responding to...
what about tinned fruit? for your HEXb??


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Why dont you try one piece of different fruit at a time, and then eliminate what fruit may be making you poorly? My nan cannot eat any berries as they make her sick.

Hope you find the answer as to what is making you ill.


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If you love veg there's no reason to eat fruit if it makes you unwell. I can go for days without eating fruit because I'm very sensitive to the sugars in it and it makes me hungry. I love veg though and eat loads of it.